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Electric alien rods are enemies in the games Canary and Nitrome Must Die.


Electric alien rods consist of two pink pole shapes at either end of themselves. In between the poles is a small pink circle that appears to have two blue eyes and a smile. The poles will shoot out blue electricity the varies in length.

Game information


The electric alien rods were deployed by the aliens in a great when attacking ships. Many were deployed when attacking Canary Mining Colony CM08, many of which were killed. The rods appearance is quite similar to the lasers corrupted by the aliens. This 'laser' will not cut through rock, but can hurt Canary 214-LE and other Canaries.

The electric alien rod's weak spot is their head, which will expand and shrink periodically when shot with a laser. When it receives enough laser from a laser gun, it will explode, getting rid of the laser. They are usually deployed in groups, and only move horizontally left. Many are encountered near the end of Canary.

Nitrome Must Die

Electric alien rods appear in Nitrome Must Die, appearing unchanged since Canary, and being enemies instead of Hazards. Electric alien rods appear in one level in level set seventy-one to eighty and they appear again in a level in level set ninety-one to one hundred. They move vertically and fire and laser above and below them. Enemies are unaffected by the laser.

Electric alien rods are placed at the top of the level, and usually move among other electric alien rods. Their weak spot is their head, located between the two laser projectors. The laser projected by the electric alien rod is sometimes difficult to get past, but is fortunately blocked out often by above platforms. Their head is weak, and is easily destroyed by any weapon.


  • Although not seen, electric alien rods will eventually go through walls when moving in Canary. When this happens, their lasers will become how they are in the picture in the infobox, but they will still continue to move and act normally.
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