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This article is about enemies from Skywire series. For enemies from other games, please see Enemies.

This article lists the many enemies in the Skywire series. Touching any enemy with the cable car will cause the player to lose one passenger.

Robotic pandas

Main article: Robotic pandas



Seagulls are mainly white and have orange beaks and feet. They have a wind-up key protruding from the back of their body, and their bodies are rectangular.

Game information

Seagulls remain stationary above the track and drop bombs when the cable car goes under them. In most levels they appear in, their bombs take about a second to reach the cable car, often making them easy to pass by before they reach the cable car.

In some cases, though, the track doubles back underneath the seagull, so the bomb can hit the cable car. There are also seagulls three times as long as the regular ones, which drops three bombs. Seagulls are found in levels 3, 7, 8, 17, 23, and 29 of Skywire 2.


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Cobras are primarily purple, and so is their pot. Behind the cobra's head is its hood. Cobras have two small teeth, a small pink tongue, and two small eyes. Under the head, cobras have a long body made of three purple circles with dark purple stripes.

Game information

Cobras stay in pots on islands near the track and rise out of the pots when the cable car approaches. They come up, stay up for about two seconds, and go back down. Cobras are only found in level six of Skywire 2.


Main article: Rhinoceroses



This section is about butterflies from Skywire 2. For butterflies from other games, please see Butterflies.


Butterfly 1

A butterfly

Butterflies appear to look like normal butterflies, with a black body, pink wings, and two antennae. There are also two yellow spots with a light blue rim around the spots on each wing. They are propelled upward by what seems to be a two white helicopter blades which are attached to their antennae; their tongue is also sticking out.

Game information

Butterflies spawn from the bottom of the screen and keep rising up and past the screen. The player will lose a passenger if they come in contact with a butterfly. They stay stationary in one line and will keep going up. They are in levels 3 and 6 of Skywire.



Turtles look like turtles that have light green teal shells with a lot of dark green figures with its shell shining at the top. They also have a yellow antenna with a red circle at the top. The turtle has a crazed look with one white eye with a black pupil being larger than the other. Its head is green with a long red tongue and an open mouth. They have black wheels with yellow circles at the middle of them instead of legs. Contrary to normal turtles, they move very fast.

Game information

Turtles roll on and jump across platforms very fast with ramps near cable cars. They hurt the passengers if the cable car touches them, and will make the player lose a passenger. They first appear in level six.


Main article: Peacocks



This section is about rabbits from Skywire. For rabbits from other games, please see Rabbit.


This robot looks like a pink rabbit. It has a pink head with two pink and red ears, two white eyes with two black pupils, and small light pink circles on the bottom of its head. It has a white platform under its head, that makes it jumps, and a grey spring between its head and its platform.

Game information


Rabbits bounce on platforms. If they make contact with the cable car, they will hurt it and the cable car will lose a passenger. Rabbits only appear on level 7.

Skywire 2

In Skywire 2, rabbits jump higher than the rabbits in Skywire, and also, in Skywire 2 the player can stay in the middle of the areas where rabbits jump, and the rabbit cannot hurt them, as opposed to in Skywire where the player cannot stay in this place because they will be harmed.



This section is about octopuses from Skywire 2. For octopuses from other games, please see Octopuses.

SW Octopus

An octopus


Octopuses are purple octopuses-like creatures. They have blue suckers and mouth. Their heads are oval at the top and they have two white eyes with two black pupils. A black line is placed at the middle of their head, this black line shining. Octopuses have three visible purple legs. They also have a wind up switch on top of their head.

Game information

Octopuses swim under the sea surface and jump up about every three seconds. They move from horizontally right as they jump. Octopuses only appear on level 6 of Skywire 2.


Giraffe Skywire

A giraffe


Giraffes look like tall yellow giraffes. They have a head with two small white eyes with two black pupils, two short and thin yellow antennas and a visible yellow ear. Under them, they have a blue square, and under it, they have a tall thick body made of a lot of yellow hexagons with brown spots on them. They hide inside square shaped blue boxes, these boxes having white big and small stars on it.

Game information

Giraffes show only the head and the neck like geese. They pop out of boxes in midair every two seconds, and go back in for about another two seconds. There can be two giraffes popping out of a box at the same time. Giraffes appear on levels 9, 11, 13, and 26 in Skywire 2 and also appear on level 1 of Skywire.



Eels look like large and long red snakes that fly in the air making circles. They have a red head with two small white eyes and two black pupils. They sometimes open their mouth, and the player can see their pink tongue. Eels have a very long body made of lots of red circles with a blue line at the middle of these circles. The last part of the body lacks a blue line.

Game information

Eels fly in circles in midair or underwater. Two forms of eels exists - an entire eel that circles around with only a single gap between its mouth and tail, and two eels which move around in a circle with each eel chasing the other eel's tail. Eels rotate fairly slowly but are easy to get through. Eels are found in levels 9, 18, and 27 of Skywire 2.



Frogs look like frogs. Frogs have a big light green head and body with two small white eyes with two black pupils; their head always has a smile on it. Frogs have two light green legs with two grey small springs under them and two light green platforms under them. When frgos jump, their springs extend in size.

Game information

Frogs are situated on islands. They hop up and down about every three seconds, and are easy to avoid. If the cable car goes quickly enough, it can go under a frog while it is still hopping. Frogs are found in levels 11, 13, 16, 24, and 27 in Skywire 2 but also in Skywire on levels 1 and 20.



A crab


Crabs are creatures with a short long orange body with a dark line at the middle that has two black wheels with red circles on each side. Crabs also have long grey arms with orange pincers at the end, and also have very small white eyes with two black pupils in the middle of their body.

Game information

Crabs go back and forth on islands. When the reach the end of an island, they reach out and pinch their pincers quickly, retract them, then start going towards the other end of the island. It takes a crab two seconds to travel across an island, and they click their pincers for about one second. Crabs only appeared on levels 12 and 24 of Skywire 2.


Elephant 1

A flying elephant


This type of machines look like a pink elephant that has a big pink head with two small white eyes and two black pupils and a long pink horn. They also have a pink body a little bit bigger than their head, and a visible big pink and purple ear, two visible short pink legs, a dark line between the head and the body and a screw at the end of the body that looks like the tail of the elephant.

Game information

Found only on level thirteen, a pink elephant follows the player around and knocks out passengers if the elephant impacts the cable car. Although the elephant is rather slow, going in one direction for a long time can give it time to catch up in another direction.


  • The idea of an elephant that flies with its ears is a reference to Disney's Dumbo.


Orca 1

An orca


Orcas appear as big black whales, with small white eyes and two black pupils and a white chin. They have some metal black fins attached to their body. They have a big black and white head, a big purple tongue, seven teeth, a large black coloured body and a visible black fin. At the end of their body, they have a big black coloured fin.

Game information

Orcas at first stay underwater, ready at the surface. When the skywire car goes above an orca, it jumps up from the water, reaches a point, and goes back down again. They are easily avoided, but if the player dawdles and stays still as the orca jumps up from below the car, the whole car is swallowed by the orca. Of course, since the passengers are dead, the level must be restarted. Orcas are in levels sixteen, seventeen, and twenty-four of Skywire 2.



An underwater piranha


Piranhas look like regular piranhas. Piranhas have a rectangular yellow body with a purple mouth and three teeth. They have two small white eyes with two black pupils, a small purple fin, and at the end of their body they have a big yellow and purple fin.

Game information

Piranhas stay underwater. They only swim back and forth along a set horizontal line, They are less easy to avoid than other enemies, because they swim at a moderate speed. Piranhas appear in levels 16, 22, 24, and 26.



Hippopotamuses have a big purple head with two small white eyes and two black pupils. They have two small purple ears and two black holes near their eyes. They also have four white teeth and a purple and grey crank at a side of their mouth. There are two types of hippopotamuses: small hippos and large hippos.

Game information

Hippopotamuses consist of only a head. They attack by opening their jaws open, disconnecting them from their body, and these jaws farther and farther away until they snap back together. There are two variations of hippos, one big and one small. Both variations of hippos take five seconds to open their mouth and then one second to close. They only appear on level 18.



Gorillas look like gorillas. The gorillas in the Skywire series have with a brown face with two small white eyes and two black pupils and a big brown mouth with two white teeth and two screws under the teeth. They also have two brown ears, two brown hands and two brown feet. Their arms, legs, head and body are orange.

Game information

Gorillas hold onto the track by their hands. A gorilla takes its right hand off the track, then its left hand. Both hands stay off the track for about two seconds, giving the cable car time to travel between hands, and then past the gorilla.

In the second level they appear in, they move slightly to the right when they change hands, and when they reach the end of the track they go back to the left. Gorillas only appear on levels 19 and 25.



This article is about bees from Skywire and Nitrome Must Die. For bees from other games, please see Bees.


Bees look like big bees with a rectangular body. Their face is yellow and they have two small white eyes and two black pupils and a mouth. They have a rectangular yellow body with two black stripes, and they have a long white propeller above their body, and a white spike at the end of their body.

Game information

Skywire series

Bees first appear in Skywire 1 on levels 17 and 28. Bees fly in straight lines with many other bees infinitely behind them. They go slowly to the right with spaces between each bee. Unfortunately, in the level they appear in, the wire is shaky at the same place where bees are flying. They appear only in Skywire 2 on level twenty-one.

Nitrome Must Die

Bees appear in Nitrome Must Die, moving in right lines, in and out of pipes. They move in groups with very little space, so the player either has to get injured to kill them, use a weapon which fires upward, or (if possible) jump up on another platform and fire at the bees, or constantly jump upwards and fire at them. They have mild health and are easy to kill, and splatter orange blood on the ground when killed. Multiple lines of bees may appear in one level (Floor 3).

In Skywire 2
In Nitrome Must Die
SW Bee



Monkeys 1

A chain of monkeys


A group of monkeys form a chain that moves. Monkeys have a grey face with the shape of a "T". They have two small white eyes with two black pupils, two small black holes and an opened small mouth. Monkeys also have two blue arms, a small blue body, two blue legs and a long blue tail.

Game information

Monkeys swing in chains, holding onto a hook that seems to hold onto the sky. They are in chains of four, and take about two seconds to go from one side to the other, leaving ample time for the cable car to pass by. Monkeys first appear in Skywire level 20 and in levels 21 and 25 of Skywire 2.


Main article: Pufferfish



This article is about ducks from Skywire 2. For ducks from other games, please see Ducks.


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Ducks look like a yellow duck with two black and white squares as eyes. They have also got a yellow wing and a dark-red beak. Upon diving underwater their eyes seem to turn red and their bodies get divided into three sections.

Game information

The duck goes horizontally back and forth on the water surface, and it follows the cable car. Whenever the cable car goes directly below it (underwater), the duck dives down into the water and comes back up. Since the duck dives down in one direction only, it is easy to avoid. The duck appears on level 26.


SW Alligator

An aligator


The alligator is just a head with multiple scales scattered across the face. It has two eyes that are right next to each other. It has four yellowish teeth that can be seen when its mouth is closed, and a lot more teeth when he opens his jaw.

Game information

The alligator is only a head that travels on the track behind the cable car. It starts at the beginning of the level behind the cable car. Throughout the level it follows the cable car, opening and closing its jaws.

Its jaws can hit the car when they open even if the car is on different parts of the track. If the cable car is too slow and the alligator catches up, the alligator will eat the car like the orca and initiates a game over. The alligator debuts on level 27 of Skywire 2.



This section is about bats from Skywire. For bats from other games, please see Bats.


A bat


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Bats are black bats that have a red mouth and move like the player and never stop moving. They smile and they move their wings while they are moving.

Game information

Bats spawn at the beginning of the level track and go through the track just like a cable car. They are quite fast for enemies, and in the level they appear in, the track goes very close to itself and overlaps many times, making bats hard to avoid. New bats spawn about every ten seconds. Bats first appear on Level 10 of Skywire and on level 28 of Skywire 2.


SW Whale

A whale


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Whales are very big robots that have a blue head and a light blue mouth.

Game information

Whales swim back and forth, three times left and three times right, under the water's surface. They take two seconds to move and they shoot out very tall spouts of water, that stay up for about two seconds. Whales only appear on level 29 of Skywire 2.


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