For the game, see Enemy 585.

Enemy 585 is an arena in Bump Battle Royale that is based off Enemy 585. This arena is unlocked on level 9.

Enemy 585 arena


Soil, green grass, red flowers, dandelions and a total of one hundred and ten of Turner's yellow blocks can be seen on a platform that stretches into the sky. Some transparent block-like clouds in the sky are also visible.

Game information

The special feature of this arena is that Turner's face pops up at regular intervals. When a bumper car goes over Turner's face, a small bar will appear that has an arrow moving above a bar in shades of yellow and if the arrow is stopped in the middle of the bar, a shockwave will be triggered that pushes other bumper cars away.


  • The shockwave function of the arena appears to be based off Turner's struggling action when Enemy 585 is walking on him in Enemy 585; when this happens Turner will struggle and as an indication of his attempt to move a large circle will appear around his face that will shrink into it. However, the bar does not appear in Enemy 585.
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