The engineer is the main character in Steamlands.


The engineer is almost entirely coal-black, except for his eyes and upper head. He also has a small curl of black hair on his head.

Game information

In Steamlands, he drives around New Britannia in various tanks , destroying other enemy tanks and progressing across the Steamlands world. He is destroying tanks so that he can completely destroy the pirates, a villainous organization, consisting of mostly enemy engineers, that is going around New Britania. He resides in his engine room, doing different things depending on the situation.

Most of the time, the engineer is shoveling coal into his tank's furnace to power its treads and weaponry. He does this even when in battle. He will go and repair blocks and guns if the player request him to do it. He repairs three health every time he hits a block with his small wrench. While repairing objects, he will not get injured if the object he is repairing is fired at. If the object he is repairing is destroyed, he will fall off the tank then climb back up.

It is not sure who he is employed by, if anyone.

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