Finish flags are interactive objects in the game Scribble.


Finish flags appear as black and white checkered flag on a wooden pole stuck in the ground. In the middle of the flag is a small black box with a white number in it. This number decreases every time a blot touches the flag.

Game information

Finish flags appear at the end of every level. At the start of the level, the numbers on the finish flag(s) are set to a certain digit. In order to complete a level, the player must direct that number of blots to that finish flag, and continue to do this for the remainder of finish flags in the level. Once a blot comes in contact with a finish flag, the number on the flag drops by one, and the blot stops walking and begins to jump happily. All of the numbers on the finish flags in the level must be set to zero in order for the level to be completed.

Even after the number on a finish flag is set to zero, blots can still reach that flag and start jumping, which means they can no longer be used by the player. This presents a challenge in levels with multiple finish flags, as all of the blots could reach a certain flag, but the player would not get to move on to the next level because all flags in that level were not reached.


  • The flags are quite similar to the flags that come out when in Twang, Black Ball steps onto black lines.
  • In some levels it is possible to complete the level without the blots reaching all the flags.