Flags are an object in Steamlands. Flags are sold at some shops, and all flags are sold in orange, black, and red, and depict an object. All flags are sold cheaply for £100 per flag, per colour. All enemy tanks have a bought flag, and the player can buy and customize their flags. Unlike blocks, flags cannot be scavenged from destroyed enemy tanks, as the flags are made of weak materiel that are easily destroyed.

A flag palette can be pulled up in Dev Mode by either pressing the flag palette button in the level menu or pressing F key on the keyboard. The player's flag will stay on the highest part of the player's tank, even if the player's highest block is a gun.

Flag Designer

If the level the player is playing has a town, they are given the option of customizing their flag. To get to it, the player has to close the shop box and click the icon with a pencil on it. The player is then taken to a screen. The screen has a 34 pixels by 24 pixels grid, with two boxes to the left of the grid which have flags in them. The top box is what colour the flag is. Arrows on the sides of the box can be clicked to switch between red, orange, and black coloured Flags. Bought flags cannot be drawn on.

Below the grid is the player's flag drawing palette. The player can draw on the flag in three colors: black, white, and light brown. The play can also fill in areas with the paint can button, and undo the previews button with the undo button. The "X" button is used for exiting the flag designer. The player can make multiple flags, but they can only select one to go on their tank. Lastly, the player can upload images drawn on the flag designer to their computer, and load a design from the flag designer into the flag designer.

Flag locations

Below is a template listing all flags and where to find them. The image of the flag is on the left, with the Town where the flag can be purchased on the right.


A flag is sold in red, black, and orange, with the same image on all three coloured flags. All flags sell for £100, and all flags are found exclusively at one shop.


There 26 different flags in Steamlands. Combined with the three different colours of flags, it comes to a total of 78 flags.

White Trail

The below template lists all the flags that appear in the Shops on the white trail. (NOTE: Flag colours or the price of Flags will not be mentioned (see above))

Name Image Location
British flag F25 Gun Shop
Swedish flag F6 Man of Steel
Cog flag F5 Stealing to Survive
Feed Me flag F8 Ricochets
Twin Shot flag F22 The Mirror of Venus
Fist flag F9 Assembly and Assimilation
Cuboy flag F17 Super Paratrooper
Wrench flag F23 Hook Line and Sinker
Cross-bone flag F16 Steel and Gunpowder
Heart flag F13 The Hatchet Brothers
Star flag F19 The Hatchet Brothers
Flower flag F10 Battle Engine Blackhammer
Bowler hat flag F3 Leave no Man behind

Grey Trail

Name Image Location
Zig-Zag flag F24 Armed Guard
Spectacles flag F18 Endurance
Penny farthing flag F2 Grab and Run
Top hat flag F21 The Pitter-Patter of Shells
Griffin flag F11 Punch Buggy
Flintlock flag F12 Descent
Question mark flag F15 Big Jobs
Mustache flag F14 Trading Cards
Sword flag F4 Progression
Robot eye flag F26 You're the best around!

Unused Flags

Three unused flags in red, black, and orange can be found in Dev Mode. They can only be accessed by pressing "F key" on the keyboard while in the level editor in a level, or by clicking "flag palette" in the level editor menu. The three flags appeared only on enemy tanks, and while in Dev Mode, the flags can be placed on the player's Tank. The unused flags are an anchor, an envelope, and a tea cup. It is uncertain why they were cut.

Unused Flags


Some Flags depicted images of other Nitrome characters, below are the cameos.

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