Type Bullet Firing
Grid spaces 1
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 150 165
Damage 15 18
Reload Medium Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

The Flex is a flexible tank gun, and the second gun introduced in Steamlands.


The gun has a slight hemispherical base, with a small line for a cannon attached to the top of the base.

Game Information

The Flex gun is the first Gun in Steamlands that can rotate its cannon. According to the british army pilot, the Flex gun is the basic design of all guns yet to come in Steamlands.

The Flex gun is a bit bigger than the Determinators, and can rotate its cannon to concentrate fire on other parts of tanks not level with it. Flex guns appear many times throughout Steamlands. The Flex gun starts out with 150 health points, and can be increased to 165. The Flex gun fires shots that deal 15 damage and can be increased in damage by purchasing the Flex Damage 1 item.

Flex Shop Items

Below are Shop Items in Steamlands for the Flex gun.

Flex Damage 1 Flex Health 1 Flex Reload 1
Image: FL1 FL2 FL3
Price: £4000 £4000 £4000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 165 Flex fires faster
Description: The calibre of the flex can easily be increased, but only with new parts. Purchase them here for more flexible damage. More steel plating to the front housing of the flex would apparently protect it better. There are stocks of steel here that could be bought for this purpose. The town mechanic has patterned a new loading mechanism for the flex that moves with the barrel allowing for faster reloading times. He's willing to sell you the designs.
Level: The Mirror of Venus Yoga Flame Target Practice
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