Flying bomb makers are enemies in the game Dirk Valentine.


Flying bomb makers appear to look like a cannon, flying in the air. They have a related-steam punk design. They consist of a man who has a large top hat and mustache, a vertically positioned cannon (which is facing downwards), and various pipes and gears.

The man appears to control the cannon, as he is above it. The man also has a green coat on, and his hands appear to be on controllers for the cannon. The man also has a monocle on his left eye. He is in a control seat, out of which pipes and gears stick out and connect back to the main cannon.

Game information

The flying bomb maker shoots missiles while making a figure similar to a sideways eight. The missiles fired will hurt Dirk Valentine. What seems to be a guard wearing a helmet can be seen right above the missile firing cylinder.

Since flying bomb makers can shoot missiles only down, they are quite easy to kill with two blows from the chain cannon. Once killed, they will grant the player forty points. Flying missile droppers are oddly only encountered outside the fortress of steam, and not inside.

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