Foreman White is supervising boss of Canary Mining Colony CM08, and was the first of The Canaries to contact Canary 214-LE, the new recruit. He explained to 214-LE how to fire its gun. This was one of the three messages 214-LE received.


Foreman White wears a white cap with a one on it, and has white gloves. He has a blue suit which covers his mouth and most of his body, and also wears an orange vest.

Game information


Foreman White

The boss's cap

Foreman White was the first victim of the aliens, as his cap was found sitting on a rock on one rock in the mine. It is not known how Foreman White met his doom, as his fate is never mentioned.


Foreman White only appears once in-game, on the first level, sending the first transmission to the player. This is the first of two times he is fully seen. His cap can be found on a rock in level 2, though.


  • Enough slacking! You Canaries are getting paid good money. You've got your cutting tools, NOW USE THEM! [Press and hold mouse button to cut through rock] - level 1