The fortress of steam is a location and setting for Dirk Valentine.


The fortress appears up in the air amidst lots of clouds. The lower half is bristling with guns, and the top half is surrounded by airships. Much of it is heavily armored.

Game information

The fortress of steam is the place that Dirk Valentine infiltrates in the game Dirk Valentine. It is also where Baron Battenberg lives and where he makes his army. The fortress of steam floats in the air, possibly above Britain.


Dirk Valentine infiltrated the Fortress of Steam to save Queen Victoria who was being held there. Dirk went through most of the ship, getting to the lifts with the help of his handy chain cannon. Monty, another person on the mission, contacted Dirk throughout his adventure.

On a rooftop of the fortress of steam, Dirk faced the Baron for the first time. In the duel, after much firing, Dirk fired and partly destroyed the Baron's Steam Powered Batter-Berger, forcing him to retreat, leaving Dirk victorious.

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After going farther into the ship, having not any help from Monty due to the signal not projecting well, Dirk finally got to a storage area of the Fortress. Queen Victoria was held here, along with the also Baron who kept her captive. Dirk dueled the Baron one last time, again reigning victorious. Dirk safely got himself, and the Queen out of the fortress. After that, the British Navy destroyed the fortress of steam.


The fortress of steam is packed full of many machines, most which run on steam power. Around the area cruise armed blimps. The Fortress is divided into two parts: the outside and inside. Guards are found in most of the outside areas, along with several machines and weapons, these weapons used for defense against attacking forces. Missiles are found on the outside of the ship, constantly firing. It is possible to go through most of the Fortress, as elevators are commonly found. The inside of the Fortress features many platforms, and more types of machines.

Poison gas is featured in some parts of the inside, and some stationary machines infinitely blow it. The lower outside parts of the ship are sometimes hard to traverse due to the small amount of platforms, and large but deadly gaps nearby. There are some small vertical areas that need to be climbed up, one wrong step being able to send the player plummeting to their death.


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In a newspaper in the end, the paper suggests in the end that Baron Battenberg was still alive when Dirk and the Queen escaped, and that he died when the fortress was destroyed. They also mention in the paper that the Baron's body was not found. This hints that he is still alive.
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