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The Pixel Pop Highscores.

The Game high scores is a feature present in almost all Nitrome games. It shows the 100 highest scores in the game, with the score and the name of the one who posted the score.


Please note this system is not completely the same for all games. Minor changes are applicable depending on the game.

To submit a highscore, the player usually has to either die in the game or beat a level. Once the menu pops up, the player must select the "submit" button, which will switch menus to where they are shown their score and must type in a name (maximum of ten letters long). They are able to pick from the twenty-six letters of the Roman alphabet.

Once they have picked their name, they can submit it. If the score is higher than the 100th score on the list, it will be put up on the list. If it is lower than the 100th score, it is put up, but not visible by any.


The Nitrome game highscores are not perfect, though, and some problems can and do occur while using them.

  • The highscores do not have much of defense, making it possible to hack them and put up an impossible score.
  • Some players type vulgar language as their submitted name, as there is no filter.
  • Occasionally many players will reach the maximum score possible in a game, and the high score list will will fill up with people obtaining perfect scores.


Pressing the back button fast enough will take the player back farther then the 100th score. addition

Nitrome plans to update the game high scores for 2.5, but what they plan to do is currently unknown.[citation needed]

Games that lack highscores

Although most Nitrome games have highscores, icon games, distributable games, and Flightless lack highscores.