This article is about gems from Flightless. For gems from other games, please see Gems.

Gems are pick ups in the game Flightless.


Gems appear as small, light blue, diamond shaped objects. They also appear to look like three dimensional diamonds, because there are dark and light sides of the gem, as well as a small circular point where all of the sides come together.

Game information

Gate - Flightless

This gate requires the ducks to collect ten gems in order for it to be unlocked

Gems are often scattered throughout the area of a certain section in the game. Sometimes they are placed in areas where the ducks can easily access them, such as near the ground. More often, however, diamonds will be found in areas that are difficult or impossible to reach. In these scenarios, the magic ladder must be used to obtain the gem.

Gems provide not only an "incentive", or challenge, for the player to keep moving throughout the game, but also as important pickups. For example, in order to access various areas, the ducks must collect a certain amount of gems. Only when that amount of gems is collected will a gate open, allowing the ducks to progress. The amount of gems needed to open a gate can be seen on the center stone portion of the gate, right above the golden lock.

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