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Gift Wrapped is a game released on December 1st, 2006[1]. In it, the player must find an item from a group of presents within a time limit. The game starts with a time limit of 20 seconds and increases by about five each time a present is found.

The game was made a distributable game, and was one of the twelve games made available when the Distributional Games page was launched on August 25th, 2011. Gift Wrapped is the first winter game and first mini game, and the eighth game made by Nitrome.


  • PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Select a present


The player is given five wrapped presents with a unwrapped present seen on top of the screen. The player has to find out which is the wrapped present before running out of time. Each correct present gives the player extra time.

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Nitrome - Gift Wrapped gameplay

Nitrome - Gift Wrapped gameplay


These are the presents in the game.

Similar counterpart pairings

No similar counterpart

Gift wrap

The gift wrap used to wrap the presents.

  • Snowman
  • Present
  • Snowflake
  • Chick Flick cameo
  • Santa
  • Sandman cameo
  • Christmas Tree
  • Holly
  • Reindeer



  • For the first 120 points, the present will be in a different coloured wrapper.
  • All gifts except the candy cane and ring have a counterpart that tries to trick the player into clicking the wrong present.
  • Nitrome described Gift Wrapped as a time waster.[2]
  • The timer used in this game is later reused in Pest Control. This can be noticed once it reaches 10 in Pest Control, it starts clicking to 1, the same way the timer in Gift Wrapped does.
  • Upon Frost Bite being released, the entire game box for Gift Wrapped on the front page of was removed, with no way to access the game except through direct URL. A few years later it was moved back to a games related section.
  • The in-game music was made by Q Music and is a remix of Jingle Bells, a famous song used for Christmas.


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