Giuseppe Longo is a freelance pixel artist who works for several gaming websites at the same time[2]. He probably joined Nitrome during the months of October or December 2012, because his first games were released during those months.

History at Nitrome

Giuseppe most likely joined Nitrome during the months of October or December 2012, during the development of Ice Beak. He made the graphics of the two winter games: Ice Beak and Bad Ice-Cream 2. He finally left in September 2014.[3]

Art style

He mainly works with detailed faces, as seen with ice cream faces, but he also makes from small pixel images to common mid-size Nitrome-style sprites.


Game Date (Y/M/D) Notes
Ice Beak 2012/12/06
Bad Ice-Cream 2 2012/12/21
Super Stock Take 2013/03/19
Colourblind 2013/06/05
Oodlegobs 2013/08/29
Ditto 2014/03/26 Provided additional art
Flue 2014/05/16 with Markus Heinel and Helm
Loop 2014/06/02 Nitrome Game Jam
Bump Battle Royale 2014/08/01
Coil 2014/09/11
Submolok 2014/11/27
Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire 2015/02/25 with Mat Annal


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  1. He commonly uses Mis-BUG as a nickname on several websites (see #External links).
  2. Official website.
  3. Giuseppe Longo LinkedIn
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