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A glitch, also known as a bug, is a flaw in the programming of a game, causing it to work improperly. There are a number of Nitrome games with noticeable glitches, some which can prevent proper gameplay or players from passing certain levels. Nitrome's earlier games had more glitches than the rest, and glitches became rarer as Nitrome's game development got better. Due to Nitrome's current situation with them creating a new website, they appear to have stopped managing their old one and as a result, glitches are becoming more frequent in many of their games. If a player experiences a glitch, they can email Nitrome at the email address "". A list of glitches in games is listed below.


These glitches are outside of Nitrome games.

Game high scores

Final Ninja Zero

  • On Final Ninja Zero, If the player presses the back button on the high scores repeatedly many times, they may go back far enough to see the 101st score, 121st score, or even farther.

Pixel Love

Corporate Climber

After beating the Pixel Love game Corporate Climber and clicking the "submit score" button, it will keep the Pixel Love background and game screen, but inside the game screen is

Background glitch

On Windows 8 and Windows XP, when is entered via Mozilla Firefox, the background will show a repeated image of changeType().

Main games

Bump Battle Royale

  • It is impossible to play the Enemy 585 arena in either Last Man Standing, Team Battle or Multiplayer Mode as when this stage is selected, the Mirror Image arena is played instead.
Level 1 BBR glitch

The invisible character glitch. Note that the player is nowhere to be seen.

  • In Campaign Mode, if the player chooses the blue or yellow robot and plays level one, the player will be invisible and cannot see their cursor but Blue can still be seen.

Bad Ice-Cream

  • Occasionally, when a player traps a troll, or blue cow, then breaks the ice barriers to let them free, the enemy might just stand there with a question mark over its head for the entire course of the level.
  • If the player goes to the place, where the enemy is about to land, they die.
  • If the last fruit in a stage is collected just when player gets hit by an enemy, the ice cream will melt, but the player can still proceed to the next level.


  • The player may be able to fire their laser and hear its sound even after the level ends.
  • If a piece of rock is too small, firing the laser at it will not cut it in half. Instead, the regular "cut line" will continue to stretch across the screen.
  • On one level, if Canary 214-LE shoots a laser at the black rock in the end room, his laser may cut the rock, the rock will show in the blackness (so the player can see it), and a white line will be seen where the player cuts.

Cave Chaos

  • Sometimes, the player can bypass through an enemy if the enemy falls on them.

Cave Chaos 2

  • An extremely common glitch happens when the player obtains the double jump power up. Whenever the player jumps, they will do a flip in the air, but they will not be able to jump a second time.
  • Sometimes if the player bumps a rock off the edge of a platform, and the bats places the next platform while it is falling, the rock will get caught in between the platforms and stay stuck there.

Chick Flick

  • On Level 3, small chicks may always fall through the thumper bumpers.
  • Sometimes chicks get stuck at the top of the screen and never fall. This happens with bombs sometimes too. This particularly happens with the tiny chicks.

Chisel 2

  • At the start of some levels, Chiseller may automatically win or lose.
  • When a level is automatically won, it will not be unlocked on the levels menu. The only way to unlock it is playing and passing the previous level and the level that is locked.
  • If Chiseller manages to destroy the entire planet they are on, Chiseller's drill sound may constantly loop and Chiseller will drill completely off the screen, freezing the level and forcing the player to quit.
  • On level 27, one Robearcop may fly off a planet to another planet, but not make it to the other planet, thus, the Robearcop will fly into space and off the screen.
  • On level 28, sometimes the entire planet will come together in a conglomerate blob, and reset how much the player has drilled.
  • On any planet if Chiseller stands on any part that is too thin then he will move left and right really fast causing the player to have to jump or reset the level.
  • Sometimes, drilling a planet will make part of the planet reappear that has already been drilled. Other times, part of the planet will disappear, often winning the level.
  • Sometimes when the player drills the planet to 100% the whole planet is drilled instead.
  • Chiseler may be able to stand on inside some parts of the planet.

Cold Storage

  • Sometimes, if the yeti is going up uncharged and hits an icicle enemy, he will destroy the enemy nonetheless. The criteria for this glitch are currently unknown, but it seems to happen when jumping on a regular pole right after a super pole.
  • If the player dies during a level, sometimes the next level will start.

Cooped Up

  • If the player continuously jumps around on the first string of rope, the music will restart itself when a jump is made.


  • The spider can swing through platforms.
  • Sometimes if the spider swings too hard it will get through the platform and everything will disappear. This can be reverted by going down.

Double Edged

  • Sometimes when fighting the minotaur, he will be frozen, but the player can still kill him.
  • After the player has defeated the Behemoth, sometimes the game will stop. The players will be able to move around in the screen, but nothing else will happen.
  • When fighting Talos, if the player(s) pause before or while he is coming onscreen, he will stop in the middle of the screen and not move. The player can attack Talos as much as they want and he will not die. After depleting his health, his healthbar will begin to move from the starting spot to the left side of the screen.

Enemy 585

  • Sometimes when Turner stops a squish block, the block will stay stuck in that position.
  • Sometimes, for no reason at all, Enemy 585 will die when just walking on a flat surface. This is probably caused when a hazard like a squish block or Turner (when he has spikes on him) was in that area, then suddenly moved away.
  • Sometimes, when Turner and Enemy 585 move into the same space at the same time (usually Enemy 585 is falling and Turner is going up), Enemy 585 will get stuck inside Turner.
  • When Enemy 585 gets launched by a spring and lands next to a one-block high wall, instead of going over the wall, he will turn around and walk the other way.
  • If Turner turns while Enemy 585 is climbing him, then Enemy 585 will climb inside Turner and walk out of him after doing so.
  • If Enemy 585 dies while the player was pressing either the left, right, up, down or "F" key, as the level gets restarted, the action corresponding to the key that is pressed will keep on running until the player presses again the key for that specific action to stop it.
  • Moving fast at the start of a level, and continuing this speedy movement, will cause Turner to move uncontrollably when the level resets.
  • In some places, when Enemy 585 has to climb up a long stretch of blocks, he may unusually just move through them.
  • When Turner somehow collides with Enemy 585, Enemy 585 will get trapped in Turner. This is only possible in 1-2.
  • Sometimes, if Turner is placed as a stairway and Enemy 585 is going up, if the player turns Turner fast enough sometimes Turner may glitch and Enemy 585 will randomly start going up until Turner ceases switching.
  • When the game is paused, the timer might keep counting.
  • When Enemy 585 falls and the player pauses the game, Enemy 585 will stand on a part of land at the side.
  • After the ending for the game is shown, when the player goes back to the main menu, no music can be heard, but the barking of the guard dog can still be.

Feed Me

  • Sometimes, if the player bites deep into a wall, floor, or ceiling, they will end up inside said area. The venus fly trap might even fall off the screen.
  • On the level Tomato Nursery, if the player eats all the bugs, then goes back to where they started, then bites the ceiling enough, the Venus Fly Trap's head will get stuck, and if they bites the ceiling above it till it gets on solid ground, it turns into a shortcut that is an easy way to get through the level.
  • When the player completes the last level, the "continue" button will sometimes be gone, thus the player will not be able to see the end screen, and sometimes the "submit score" button will be gone.
  • Sometimes the camera will stop tracking the fly trap, causing it to go off the screen, but allowing the player to still remain in control of it.
  • In the level 7, "the pit", the fly trap can sometimes ride the vine up through the stone walls.
  • Often times when the fly trap if the player attaches to a surface quickly while falling, the fly trap's pot will swing horizontally to where the head is supposed to be, while the head is seen clamped onto nothing.

Final Ninja

  • If a player fires a rope at the top of a distant wall and travels towards it at a sufficient speed, it is possible to go through the wall. This is most easily demonstrated during level three.
    • When going through a wall that is bordering an out-of-bounds area in level 3, Takeshi will freeze into his falling pose. If the game is paused and then continued, Takeshi will cycle through most of his animations, with ones such as turning invisible missing. During the cycle a copy of his arm will spin around in the rope holding position.
  • Occasionally, if the player falls an extremely far distance and dies, the ending for the game is shown. This glitch can be done on level seven.
    • During a level, the ending will begin to play on the screen, and it will show the ending and say that the player has beat the game. However, when the player goes back to the menu, they will still have to complete the rest of the levels.
  • Sometimes, when the player causes an alarm to go off, a laser sentinel will not be fully ejected from the ground and will be stuck halfway in the ground. The laser sentinel will still move, however.
  • Sometimes, after the player completes level ten, the sounds of Defense Robot Alpha disintegrating will be heard throughout the level.
  • When playing Final Ninja on, if the player views the high scores, they will be prompted to visit to view them. This is because in the game's programming, if the high scores cannot be loaded, then the game is programmed to display a message prompting the player to play the game on, as high scores not loading is usually a sign that the game is being hosted on a website other than
  • Sometimes the camera will not scroll until player has reached the other side of the screen.

Final Ninja Zero

  • When Takeshi fights Maxwell Merlock the second time, if he dies after killing him, pressing try again at the You Died! screen will make the game proceed to the next level anyway. This glitch has been fixed.
  • On level 18, when the player starts, the lift that Takeshi came out of will sometimes be still there. If the player walks into it, the player will proceed to the next level. This glitch has still has not been fixed, and probably deliberately left in due to this glitch's popularity.
  • Sometimes, when Takeshi presses space to get a message, it takes the player to the next level. Other times, it may restart the level.
  • If Takeshi fires a ninja rope into a surface or object that it can't attach to create a rope on (white lab walls, blue shields, etc.) , Takeshi's hand will be frozen in place like it would be if the rope had connected. This can be fixed by jumping.
  • In any level, when going into stealth while entering the lift, Takeshi's eyes may stay at the point where the lift was, before progressing into the next level.


  • On level 20, if the player goes to the semicircle seen when starting the level and continuously rolls to the right, Fluffball would be on a invisible platform. No matter how much the player rolls towards the right, Fluffball would never "fall off". However, if the player rolls too much and tries to go back to the main level, Fluffball would "fall" and the game over screen would be shown, or the player would never be able to get back.
    Fluffball plat glitch

    The invisible platform glitch on level 20 of Fluffball

Frost Bite

  • On levels where the player can't make a full jump, they can hold "up" for rapid jumping.
  • If a jump-vulnerable enemy comes near the player while said glitch is happening, it will die as if it were jumped on.
  • On Mount Neverest (level 10), at the boss stage, the player will be damaged if walking over a certain spot near the exit door.
  • Rarely on level 8 when the hooks are shot with the grappling hook, the Eskimo will be pushed to the right and the grappling hook's rope will extend until the Eskimo has reached the edge of the screen. This also prevents the player from moving.

Frost Bite 2

  • There is a glitch that if the player dies, and they are on their last life, the game will sometimes respawn the player, so the player can die as much as they want, but the Game Over Screen will never come down unless the player quits the game.
  • Sometimes when the player dies; the grappling hook will be frozen.
  • Sometimes, when the player loses a life, they will continue to play, but their energy will be at zero. If the player is hurt at all during this glitch, they will lose another life
  • If the player is in the mesh area on Mount Neverest and shoots at the very top point, they will be shot up inside the rock, and will fall slowly. During this time, the player can shoot above, and hit the checkpoint. This saves having to get through the actual ice path.
  • On Level 6, Glacial Slopes, if the player hits the first ground next to the Eskimo at the right, the player may sometimes jump upwards or even fall off the screen, forcing the player to quit and restart the level. This can also be performed in other levels.


  • If the player is shooting him/herself up, and is pressed against a wall, then this glitch can happen. If a red sphere is coming at the player while they are shooting, then the player will not be harmed. However, as soon as the player releases the fire button or tries to move, they will die.


  • Sometimes the edge of the electricity emitted by the electro dudes will not hurt the player.
  • If the player jumps to the edge of a platform, they can flip gravity and avoid hazards and enemies.
  • On level 8, the player can jump off a platform into the sky and softlock.

Hot Air

  • The player may land on a on spiked platform, instantly die, but the Hot Air balloon may sometimes not pop even though the popping sound is heard.
  • When the player goes near a platform, but not on it, the balloon will float in midair with no help from the fan
  • Sometimes the loading screen for levels is up, it will get stuck at the end and you will have to restart the page.
  • On level 6, it is possible to go through the starting pad.
  • On level 14, when the player goes down the third hallway of fans (after the long drop), the left edge of the above spiked platform can be flown through.
  • On level 18, the player can blow the octopi through the wall.
  • On level 22, if the player blows the fan pointer above of Hot Air while on the starting platform, the spiked cage will not pop him when it passes him. This results in easy completion of the level, along with easily collecting the stars. This is also the case on other levels, but it does not benefit the player as much as on this level.
  • On level 22, if the player lets the hot air balloon sit still and holds the fan over the balloon, it is possible for the cage to go completely through the player, enabling the player to complete the level easily.

Hot Air 2

  • On level 19: Cooking on Gas, if the player starts the level without moving Hot Air at all, blue fires will come and touch Hot Air where it is, and the balloon won’t pop.
  • If the player blows Hot Air into spikes very fast one, two, or three times, the box the balloon is holding will actually fall up, and the Music will get louder and louder and louder and louder.
  • Sometimes if Hot Air goes down level to level with the starting pad, they may hear the little sound they hear when they land on a pad, and actually land in mid air as if they were on a platform.
  • Sometimes, very rarely, when the player is going through a level, the balloon's rope will fast increase its length and will fall up of the stage.
  • Sometimes, if the player dies above a star, when falling down the driver of Hot Air will grab the star.

Hot Air Jr

  • Sometimes the game will malfunction and the stars will be showed twice, and the screen will become grey. There is no way out of this glitch. This forces the player to refresh the page.
  • If the player defeats giant spike ball in his fourth phase and has not yet surrendered, he will be destroyed but any of the endings will not pop out. This makes the player have to restart the level.
  • If the player defeats the giant spike ball in its fourth phase, another glitch can happen if the player goes under the ball when changing to its last phase (which is the defeated one), when falling, the ball will push Hot Air Jr into the wall. After this, the balloon will start falling slowly with no chance of getting out, thus, the player will be forced to restart.
  • Sometimes during the fight with the giant spike ball, if the player is killed, the player's gondola will detach from the head of the balloon, but the player can still blow Hot Air's disembodied head around.

Ice Breaker

  • Sometimes, if the player loses, clicking the reset button will let the player progress to the next level.

Ice Breaker: The Red Clan

  • If an un-frozen viking falls into the boat, but is knocked off for any reason, the Failed! message will appear, but clicking try again will proceed to the next level. This glitch has been fixed.
  • If a player clicks reset immediately after a viking dies, the level will restart, but the Failed! message will appear.

Ice Breaker: The Gathering

  • In rare occasions, the rock will go through the ice and get stuck in it.


  • If the player gets hurt in two different ways (such as getting shot/hit/bombed and the ice falling), the player may take only one damage.
  • Sometimes when the player shoves the ice block off a cliff and it falls on them, they will be stuck inside it.
  • In level 7, when all the enemies are defeated and the ice block is about to push the player off the level, the player will fall through the snow and on to the other side of the level and become stuck somewhere, causing them to die.
  • If the elk loses health, while it melts the player can still move it, even when the level completed screen appears.


  • Occasionally, after a player pauses the game then resumes it, Magneboy will automatically use his magnetic powers by just facing in that direction instead of pressing the spacebar when needed.
  • If the player goes to the high scores menu, it appears like the distributable games high scores menu.

Mallet Mania

  • Sometimes, when the ball lands on a magnetic spinner tile, they will still be able to control the ball's direction. This especially happens when playing in multiplayer mode.
  • The zapping action transforming the ball into different types may still appear sometimes between shots, even when the ball has not rolled over a pickup or been gambled for.
  • If the player's ball rolls into a wall, typically against a magnet, the ball may vibrate and never stop moving, thus making it impossible to continue the game.
  • If the player is is another tab when the game starts in background, the startup will loop.

Mega Mash

  • On level 2, in the first Blastman Joe section, if the player waits around, eventually the mouse gets stuck at the bottom of the screen and then they don't have to dodge it or blow it up.


  • If there is a mine right on the player, when they start to move, it will start ticking. If the player jumps straight up in such a way that he will be hit by it as he is just about at the peak of his jump, the player will be rocketed into space. This glitch has been partly fixed, as it now has a lower chance of happening, but still can.
  • If the player is killed while using pieces of eight, they will be able to still use them until they run out.
  • The player can use a voodoo doll on a dead character and throw it. It is unknown if this is a glitch, though.
  • If the player drops a box on each side of one of their pirates and on the next turn jumps downwards the pirate will stand under the ground. If this is done on a ship (not on the deck), the player can go through the ground.
  • It is possible to drop a crate on top of a player's head and have it fall through the player, trapping them inside.
  • If the player sets off a mine by preparing to jump, they can be killed, but he can still jump.
  • If the player tries to use the seagull, they will be unable to aim it. Choosing the option for the seagull will immediately go to it flying, instead of being able to choose where it flies.


  • Sometimes on level two, a yellow nanobot cannot be killed.
    Nanobots yellow nanobot glitch

    Nanobots yellow nanobot glitch

    The yellow nanobot glitch

  • On the boss level, sometimes dying will result in the ending being shown and the game considered beaten, even if the combined nanobot was not killed.


  • On level 19, the four blocks behind the key will appear as gray squares instead of blocks.

Nitrome Must Die

Main article: Nitrome Must Die#Glitches
  • There is a glitch during the fight with the nitrome boss on floor 100. If the Nitrome boss calls some employees to the fight, sometimes when all employees are dead, the boss is unable to move, but the player can attack and kill him.
  • Capture

    The wall stuck glitch

    There is an infinite elevator ride glitch for level 96. There is a 25% chance that the player will bypass the glitch and move on to the next level. This also can happen for the elevator ride for level 48.
  • It is possible for the player to get stuck in the wall.
  • There is a glitch during the level in 51-60 with Mr. Nibbles. There is a rare chance that one of the Mr. Nibbles that nibbles through the player's head gets stuck. The player won't lose any health when they come across another Mr. Nibbles. It is a very useful glitch and may help with completing the level.
  • In level set 81-90, it is possible for one of the octopuses to get stuck near the elevator. If this happens, the enemy will become impervious to damage and not move, however, it can be killed with out of ammo.

Off The Rails

  • There is a glitch in Off The Rails where the player is stuck in the ground after a jump.
  • If playing outside the website (Nitrome) with a distributable version, if dying the burnt wheels and bones may come out but the cactus men will freeze in the position they were when dying.
  • On Level 2, if the player touches the sharp edge of the second jump while attempting to get over, the Cactus men and cart will shake out until the cart finally hits land and gets destroyed.

Stuck in a ground after a jump in Off the Rails

Office Trap


The glitch

  • Sometimes if the player gets hit by a bee, the player won't die. But if the player gets hit again, three new employees will spawn which can be all controlled at the same time.
  • In level 12, if the player jumps right after touching a goal platform, the player will fall through the level and disappear from the screen. This causes the player to restart the level.

Pest Control

  • There used to be a glitch that the player could stop the clock, however, it very rarely happens anymore.
  • If a player clicks an unlocked level, then pushes one of the arrows on the side while the screen begins to transform into the instructions page, the background of the level will change based on how many times the arrow was pushed. If the player uses this glitch on level 2.9 and clicks the right arrow once, the web will be the same web as in level 3.5.
  • Sometimes if the player swats in the three right places in some levels, they can get a glitched up score like Q846HT. This happens very rarely.
  • On level 3.9, if the player puts their mouse to the right and move their mouse off the screen during the battle with the scorpion, the third time the tail tries to sting the player, the player can hit the scorpion without it opening its claws.
Pest Control Desert-Boss 3

Pest Control Desert-Boss 3.9 - 2516 maxed (probably)

  • On 4.5, without changing the background, the player can rarely have over ten swats to kill mosquito. The player has to have a little lag to perform this glitch.
  • On 3.8, if the player swats on the very edges of the stag beetle, the player can get about 20,000 points. Although the glitch is probably fixed, it is still possible to obtain over 20,000 points by using this glitch.
  • The smallest score for each level is ten points. If the player gets 10 points for each level way too much, they may actually never get scored for points. For example, the player completes the mosquito with ten points and their score was 34,575, instead of going to 34,585. It will stay at 34,575.
  • If the player clears every level with the same score, after they finish a stage it might not say Submit Score.
  • At the end of 4.9 millipede the player can't click the Submit Score button.
  • On 4.8 wasps, sometimes if the player moves their mouse really really fast, sometimes they can touch the wasps's stinger without losing a life.
  • On Rubbish Yard Boss, Jungle Boss, and Cave Boss - if the player has a lag, they can swat the centipede, tarantula, or glow worm when it is moving.
  • If the player swat is above the tail in 3.9, they can swat the tail and get 1 out of 5 hit points.
  • Rarely if the player has a super, super lag, the timer might say only 5 seconds on the clock.
  • On 4.9 millipede, the third time is it runs away it is possible to hit it.


  • When the player connects the boxes between the robots to create a circuit within the level, the sparks may flow from the powered robot to the unpowered one, yet the other robot will not power up, making it impossible to finish the game.
  • Throughout the course of some levels, an invisible wisp of smoke may be seen that is suppose to only appear when the player puts a box on the ground. It may even prevent the player from attaching magnet pieces or sticking honey crates to the wall or on the robots themselves.
  • Honey crates, when first introduced, may act like normal crates when the player removes them from the wall and not stick properly.


  • Sometimes, in the high scores, some scores are missing.
  • Sometimes when bubble power up is used, the purple creatures' bullets will hit invisible areas where the bubble walls are supposed to be.
Rainbogeddon HSGlitch

The glitch in action

Roly Poly

  • On level 15, if the player becomes puffed up, they may be able to go through the electricity all the way to the end of the level.
  • Sometimes when the player falls on spikes poly will not die, instead it will stay on the spikes still alive. But if the player leaves Poly on the spikes too long Poly will die.

Rubble Trouble New York

  • On job 20 and 27 the drill can go crazy and drill when the player is not clicking.
    • Also on the same job, the player can destroy the fireworks warehouse and not lose.


  • If two or more human players tie exactly at the end of the level, neither will get first and both will get second. Both players must tie perfectly for this to happen.
  • When one of the runners gets eliminated, they will pass through walls and other objects while executing the elimination animation.
  • The button for turning the sound effects off does not work.
  • If the player restarts, the music at the beginning will sometimes not play.
  • Sometimes the runners will crash into nothing while on a ramp, often on level 5.
  • Runners can go through horizontal flip line if they are flipped by another runner.
  • In eliminator mode, when all three opponents are eliminated and the player is the only one left in the game, the "WINNER!" sign may not appear and the level will not end until the player is eliminated.
  • When a runner is above or under very thin horizontal walls or flip lines and keep pressing the flip button, the runner will go through or go backward, depending on if it is a flip line or a wall.


  • On levels like Level 4, Sleepwalkers may get stuck in walls.
  • Sometimes if the player pours sand on a sleepwalker, it will sometimes, rarely, not turn back, but keep moving forward.
  • Sometimes, if a sleepwalker falls from a very short distance, they will die.
  • When sleepwalkers fall onto another platform, they may land and continue to walk, but remain in the "falling" position while moving on the ground.


  • On the last level of Scribble, the player only has to get one blot to the end flag to complete the game.
  • Falling through a laser will sometimes not kill blots.
  • If the game is paused while a door is unlocking, the game will continue.
  • Sometimes the "choose game" screen shows only the first letter of player's in-game name, as well as says that the player is currently on level 0.

Sky Serpents

  • Sometimes, while fighting the dragon serpent, the dragon's special attack, its multiple flames, will activate nonstop after destroying one of its many weak spots.
  • If the player is hanging on to a serpent and jumps up and shifts quickly, and at the same time the serpent is changing direction, the player will sometime be able to walk on air above the serpent. If the player walks very far they will fall down and lose health.


  • For enemies that move, sometimes just being next to them will damage the player rather then touching them.
  • The end of level 10 has no water, while the other side has water.
  • When a hippo is watched carefully, a passenger can be seen blinking right next to it.

Skywire 2

  • On level 28, the player will lose all his/her passengers when he/she gets to finish line at the same time with the bat, not depending how many passengers he/she has.

Small Fry

  • When the game is completed, a button that says 'Continue' will be shown, but if pressed the game will fail to load the ending. This was fixed, in June 2012.
  • There is a rare glitch that allows the player to place the characters anywhere they want, but if they place them in a wall they will be stuck in it and cannot be removed. This glitch exists in the whole game, so its possible to get a extremely high score.
  • Sometimes if the warrior attacks twice in a row to an enemy, it will die, then suddenly revive and deal damage to the warrior. Same happens when reversed
  • Sometimes, clicking "Next Level" after completing a level will take the player two levels forward.

Square Meal

  • If the player presses the Left and Right arrow keys whilst next to a wall, they can go through the wall, although sometimes they can wander off the level and have to restart.
  • Sometimes the player can walk through bricks, even wandering off the level.
  • If the player gets caught in the explosion of a bomb block (the block cannot be in the troll's mouth) the player may be invisible and be able to move the troll around, eat food, pick up blocks, complete levels, and shoot blocks at enemy and eat them. But if the player touches an enemy, they will die.
  • When using two player and the second player dies, pausing the game may show the player dead.
  • If a player dies as they knock an enemy unconscious, the enemy may remain unconscious for the entire period of the game. The other player can even walk through the enemy and will not be able to eat it.
  • A frequent glitch that may appear is that when a player finishes a level, they may begin to move uncontrollably in a certain direction, or even stick out their tongue. If the player tries to fight it, they may end up wandering off the level. This glitch can usually be fixed by pressing the same key that corresponds to the action the Troll is going in. (For example, if the Troll is moving left without the player pressing the left key, the player can press the left key, and the Troll will stop.)
  • If two players eat one block at the same time, they will both have the block in their mouth, and can use it as normal, except that when the second spits it out after the first spits it out, the block first spat out will turn invisible.


  • The mission "The Escort" will result in an immediate failure whenever the player starts the level. This will also prevent the player from continuing the game as completing the mission "The Escort" is necessary to progress.


  • The bomb powerup upgrades can be quickly upgraded three times by collecting the power up and letting Submolok die after the power up is collected. When this happens, instructions for how to control Submolok will appear.
  • In rare occasions, the health bar will glitch and cause the middle heart to go black when taking damage.

Super Snot Put

  • Sometimes, the player is unable to pick up the snot and it just falls.

Super Treadmill

  • On day 8 a postbox appears at one time and goes off the edge but does not come off.
  • When Billy takes damage and lands on obstacle, the player can do a super jump by tapping the up button. The super jump can be performed multiple times as long as Billy falls on spikes and the jump button was tapped the first time.
  • In rare occasions, a young dog will get stuck at the opposite side of the screen. When the player falls into this side, the dog can be seen jumping.


Swindler Glitch 1

The glitch

  • On the second last level, in the part where there are two wall yellow goo and the inflatable yellow goo, if the player gets near the wall and touches the inflatable yellow goo, the player may sometimes get stuck inside the wall forcing the player to restart the level because is after that impossible to get out of the wall. This glitch can also happen when a bomb is growing and a player is waiting in the same place that the bomb is suppose to grow.

Tanked Up

  • On level 3: Deep Freeze, the player will sometimes randomly die when passing certain points, even if they are not touched.
  • On level 5: Rumble in the Jungle, the player can drive through the metal building in the middle of the level.
  • On level 6: In the Dock, the player can drive through some walls.

Temple Glider

  • If the Egyptian bird is killed while in the hands of some quicksand (by an arrow) there will be an invisible bird inside of the hand's clutches. The player can still control the Bird only it escapes, or is dragged into the sand. This glitch is most easily done on level 16.
  • Sometimes random feathers (that appear during direction changes, deaths, and respawns) will appear at random places for no reason. They also will not float down, so they stay there for the rest of the level. The cause of this glitch is unknown.

Test Subject Green

  • In level two, if Blue were to be killed by the monkey green enzymes, these green creaturres would randomly start moving in between different areas between teleporters while not going through the teleporters at all. It would also become impossible for the player to destroy the enzyme or the green enzyme destroying Blue. Later, a Nitrome blog post reported that the glitch had been fixed.
Test Subject Green Level 2 Glitch

Test Subject Green Level 2 Glitch

Level two TSG glitch

  • On level 11, if the player died in a certain scenario, they could be trapped with no way out. This glitch was later reported fixed.
  • In Level 15, if Blue jumps on a certain teleporter right above a laser, he will sometimes die, as if he landed on the laser instead of going through the teleporter to the one above it. (See image below.)
TSG Level 15 Glitch

Level fifteen TSG glitch

  • In level 20, on occasion when someone reaches the end Blue collects the food (as meant to), gets sucked up the tube (also as meant) but the level does not end & the timer continues.
  • Sometimes, when Blue is killed and is sent back to his nearest checkpoint, he can do a super-jump by rapidly pressing jump and shoot at the same time while invincible, which may shoot Blue off of the screen, forcing the player to restart the level.
  • It is possible to get to the other side of a teleporter if Right and Left keys are pressed steadily and fast if Blue remains in the middle of a teleporter.
  • If the player holds down the shoot button and the up button, right as Blue is spawning, Blue will rocket upwards in the air. Also holding down the Left or Right keys can adjust flight direction.

Test Subject Arena 2

  • In multiplayer level 1, it is possible to get trapped between two teleporters at the top of the level.
  • In any single player level, it is possible for the player to kill themselves, though they will not respawn until the time runs out.

Thin Ice

  • Some circles the player makes on the ice will not drop down.
  • Sometimes, rarely, if the player makes some shape in the ice,and it drops down, sometimes the shape in the ice will stay there till the player dies, or restarts, or goes to the next level.
  • This glitch happens a lot in old games; if the player is playing a level, then goes back to the title screen, the music from the level will be heard on the title screen.
  • In any level with bird monsters, the smallest bird monsters can get stuck in the sides of the ice bordering the level. This is especially apparent in level 18, where there are many small bird monsters hopping around. This glitch, while only occuring very rarely, means that the player cannot complete the level, since the Eskimo cannot draw a circle around the stuck bird monster. This also means the level must be restarted.
Thin Ice Glitch

Thin Ice Glitch

The glitch in action


  • Sometimes, if the player presses pause as the player dies, when they unpause the game, there will be no character, but the game over screen will not appear.

    The pause/unpause glitch. Notice that there is no character.

  • If a wall is thin enough, the player can walk through it.
  • Sometimes on level 14, the cannon robot cannot be destroyed.
  • Non-Exploding Drill Glitch

    The digging robot

    Sometimes if the ground a wheel robot rolls on is destroyed, it will descend down as if a platform was underneath it.
  • After beating the game, the gameplay music will continue to play when the player goes to the menu (instead of the menu music).
  • There is a glitch in the game where the digging robot won't explode when it hits metal.
  • Sometimes a bullet fired by a robotic squid will stick to the wall it touches. This mainly happens when the robot is killed right after the bullet is shot.

    The stuck bullet glitch. Notice that the squid is in normal form, proving that the bullet is indeed frozen.

Toxic 2

  • Pressing space rapidly over and over with basic bombs while moving will make there be hundreds of bombs in the player's line of movement, and the game will really slow down.
Toxic Bomb Glitch

Bomb glitch

  • If the player crouches on a pitfall block he will hover midair even when it disappears.
  • Sometimes on level 20 when all the health bars are gone from mother she won't be destroyed; however, this rarely happens.


  • If the player pulls a red line back, until a bit of Black Ball is touching the Water, Black Ball may fall through the Red Line when it is let go of.
  • If Black Ball is pushed against a Blue Line by another line, Black Ball may fall through the line that is pushing it into the Blue Line, then if the line is let down, the line will go through Black Ball, and black ball will be on top of the line.

Twin Shot

  • In level 27, the dark things will stay in one place and struggle to navigate the level, making them easy to kill.

Twin Shot 2

Dark thing in box

A dark creature in a brick

  • Pausing the game while a bomb is present may result in the bomb detonating.
  • A glitch exists in the game Twin Shot 2 that can only be access while using level skip. If the player beats a level, and presses level skip without clicking "Next Level," the screen will not appear normal and the letters will be overlapped.

    The level skip glitch

  • When the player forces an enemy into a small space, it will go through the wall.
  • If the player gets a bonus level while using Nitrome Touchy and completes it (whether or not they die), the smartphone screen will say 'Level failed'. This allows the player to get even more lifetime coins.
  • If the rock block in level 8 is shot enough, the rock block will levitate in the air, and if shot enough, can land on higher platforms with this glitch, which causes another block to appear in the glitched original spot on the ground.

Worm Food

  • Sometimes when colliding with a rock or a spiked idol, the Giant Worm will get stuck inside, trapping (and causing damage, for the idol's case), until either time runs out, or the worm dies.


  • Sometimes after the player has possessed a creature, the possession theme will play indefinitely in the background, even playing on top of itself when an additional creature is possessed.

Mini Games

Magic Touch

  • Sometimes drawing a random shape will make a balloon pop.
  • Likewise, there is a chance a slightly related balloon will pop when the shape for a different Balloon is drawn, as long as at least one thing is similar (such as curves or vertical lines).
  • Sometimes, when one of the knights lands on the castle, the balloon(s) it was carrying will change type.

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