Gobble spawns[1] are enemies in the game Dangle, as well as in Nitrome Must Die.


Gobble spawns appear as small, turquoise-coloured creatures in the shape of a commonly depicted droplet. Eater droplets have gray teeth that are only bared when they are eating the spider.

Game information


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Gobble spawns appear occasionally in Dangle. They are spawned from Mr. gobbles, but are only spawned when the player's webbing string goes through a gobble. When this is done, in ten seconds a gobble spawn will form on the player's webbing string, and slowly move down the string, forcing the player to increase the speed at which they descend down the level.

If a gobble spawn successfully makes it to the player, it will eat them. These blue droplets are first encountered on level 8. If a gobble spawn comes on to the player via a Mr. gobble, it is possible to cause the gobble spawn to fall off by descending quickly down the webbing it is on; Gobble spawns can only be killed this way.

Nitrome Must Die

Gobble spawns appear in Nitrome Must Die, appearing from the side. Their mouth is visible, as well as their eyes. While Mr. gobbles walk around, they will often spawn gobble spawns by lifting up their foot, and a glob of blue liquid will come out, which turns into a gobble.

Each gobble spawn spawned adds one enemy to the enemy population on the level. These simple and weak creatures move unusually fast. Due to them being spawned often, they are commonly encountered in large groups, and can also enter and exit pipes and follow the nearest player. When they fall off a platform, their appearance is similar to when they are descending on the spider's string in Dangle.



  1. Named only in the game's code.
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