Grapplers are one of three man blocks in the game Steamlands.


Man block

The grappler block has three hooks on the top left and two barrels on the bottom right.


The actual grappler wears a top hat, has black clothing, and holds a hook. His appearance is similar to that of the rich British man.

Game information

Closed grappler room

A closed grappler room

Whenever an enemy saboteur attacks the player's tank, the grappler will drop down, go to the ground beneath his target, and fire upwards, knocking the saboteur to the ground and back to his tank. The grappler will also walk over to enemy tanks and knock repairmen and even engineers to the ground.

When there is nobody in the open, the grappler with his hook will fire it at his block, pull himself up, and stay in there until someone comes out of their block. While in his block, he will twirl his hook. The player's grappler can also be used to defend the player saboteur while on another tank. The grappler's block starts at 200 health points and can be upgraded to 220.

Grappler shop items

Grappler health one
Image: G1
Price: £1500
Tag: Health
Result: Health increases to 220
Description: Reinforcing those rooms the men are in comes at a price. And each different room requires completely different reinforcement.
Level: Hook Line and Sinker
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