Green Ninja is the main character from the game with the same name.


Green Ninja has an oval shaped body with two skinny green legs and at the top of the sides of the body two short arms. It has a mouth with large red lips and two white eyes lacking pupils, these eyes appearing on two roundish parts sticking up from the top part of the frog's body.

Game information

Green Ninja

Green Ninja is controlled with swipes on mobile and arrow keys in the browser version of the game. Swiping in any direction or pressing either Left/Up/Down/Right will cause green ninja to jump and kick in that designated direction. If it impacts an enemy it will kill and if it impacts a moveable object it will push that object.

If Green Ninja impacts a wall it will hold on to it, except for gold blocks, where it will slider down after hitting them.

Penguin 1

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In the ending Green Ninja is seen sitting middle among some tadpoles which are implied to be his offspring.

Go Pogo

Green Ninja appears as a playable character in Go Pogo and can be purchased for 70 coins.

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