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This article is about guns from Nitrome Must Die. For guns from other games, please see Guns.


The gun is the weapon used by the player(s) in Nitrome Must Die. Justin Bennet and Austin Carter find them in a trash can outside Nitrome Towers, and use them throughout the game.


The gun appears to be rectangular and has a pink grip that is close to the mouth of the gun. There are also three grey small rectangles representing the mouth.

The gun is used by the player to kill enemies and protect themselves from harm. Various crates containing new weapons can be picked up, some which specialize in different areas of battle. The player cannot at all drop the gun, only when the player dies is the gun dropped. Employees also use the same types of Guns.

Types of guns

Below is a list of guns. All guns serve as an upgrade for the player's gun so they can fire the bullets that are contained in that upgrade. Guns appear in creates, and those crates are spawned on random places in the level. When a gun is obtained, that weapon will overwrite the player's previous gun. Also, the gun's name will appear in yellow letters when picked up; afterwards, Ammo will be loaded for the gun. Each gun has a different amount of ammo, and will not turn all the ammo for the previous gun into ammo for the current gun. Some types of Guns can harm the player (such as Rocket), and some can push the player back when fired (recoil). If the player dies in a level with a gun, they will restart it with the ammo they had when they were killed, except in boss battles where they will have the gun reloaded with the maximum amount of ammo it can hold. After a challenge level, the player will have the same gun from before the challenge, but it will be refilled.

Picking up a crate that contains a weapon the player already has will not lower their current ammo, but it will add ammo to their weapon. On some levels a Roulette crate is spawned. The Roulette crate is a crate that goes through all the weapons in the game. Touching it will give the player the weapon that was on it at the time it was touched. It is spawned multiple times in levels which it is spawned. Employees also use guns when they fight the player, always using a weapon in the game. The only difference is that the Employee's bullets are purple instead of red.

Overheat.png Out of Ammo

This weapon has infinite ammo, regardless of the stage the player is on.
Out of Ammo is the unofficial name of the secondary function for the player's guns activated when they run out of ammo. When the player depletes their current supply of ammunition, Out of Ammo will activate.

When Out of Ammo is activated, the player's gun will fire little pebble sized objects from the top of the gun. These pebbles deal very little damage, and can be fired out quickly. Unlike other weapons, the pebble like objects will not be shot horizontally, but will fall to the ground and roll a little before stopping, allowing the player to create a little group of pebbles that will damage enemies heavily.

The pebbles also push enemies back a bit, allowing the player to stay in one place and shoot. Out of Ammo cannot be obtained in crate form, and is only activated when the player depletes all of their ammo. The player will opt out of Out of Ammo when another weapon is obtained. Out of Ammo's obtained weapon icon is a prohibitory "Universal No" sign; the ammo indicator will also pulse red.

BananaGun.png Banana bomb

The banana bomb is based off the banana weapon from Mutiny.

The banana bomb weapon fires a big yellow banana that will bounce around the level. It will deal no damage if it hits an enemy or the player, but can be caused to explode by pressing the fire button. Like the banana in Mutiny, the player can also detonate the banana by clicking the mouse. The banana does great damage when it explodes, like much exploding weapons, is possible of dealing massive damage to employees, if not killing them. This is demonstrated on Floor 100 during the battle with the Nitrome boss.

The banana bomb is a good weapon as it can bounce far away from the player without having to move, as well as detonated, great for destroying strong enemies. One banana bomb can only be fired at one time, and will damage the player if they are caught in the explosion. It is a better weapon to use for combat than the Mine, although the mine is better to use if the player wants to place hazards in strategic areas enemies will run into. The banana bomb starts at 20 ammo, subtracting one ammo per banana.

BangLogo.png Bang

Penguin 1.png

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Bang is a special type of gun found only on level 101 of Nitrome Must Die.

Bang is not really a weapon, as it cannot hurt enemies, nor does it appear in any level which has an enemy that can be destroyed. In level 101, when the player is fighting the Nitrome Boss in the Cuboy Suit, after some time, the box will appear on the ground. In this time, the player must stall and not get hurt by the Nitrome Boss. When picked up, it has one ammo, firing it causes several explosions on the rooftop of Nitrome Towers (where the player currently is), as well as the destruction of the Cuboy machine. It also appears as the preloader for the game.

Barrel.png Barrel

Barrel is based off the barrels shot by barrel shooting rocks in Enemy 585.

Obtaining the barrel weapon allows the player to shoot barrels, which act much like the penguin weapon. When a barrel is fired, it will roll down the platform it is on, and break when it hits an enemy or wall, accompanied by a barrel crashing sound. Barrels are unique in that they are spawned on one level after something is accomplished, being spawned on level 90 when the Steamlands Tank has entered its second phase.


When Nitrome Must die was first released, the barrel was a rather weak weapon. Nitrome increased the damage inflicted by the barrel on November 28th 2011, as well as fix a few other glitches in the game.

BCArrow.png BC Arrow

The Bow Contest Arrow (BC Arrow as abbreviated) is a gun from the game B.C. Bow Contest.

When fired, the Arrow will go in a diagonal direction. If it hits a Wall, enemy, or Pipe, it will be knocked out and fall off the screen. The Arrow is not good to use when fighting enemies on the same platform, as since the gun is tiled up when fired, it will likely miss enemies close to the player. The gun is better used on flying enemies, who are usually positioned higher above the player.

Boomerang.png Boomerang

When fired, it shoots a little boomerang that will move in mid air hurting any enemy in its reach, then move back to the player who shot it. Only one Boomerang can be fired by the player. The player can cause the Boomerang to hit higher enemies by jumping, or lower enemies farther away by moving down, as the Boomerang will always be horizontally in front of the player. It starts with 20 ammo, subtracting 1 per boomerang shoot. The boomerang also deals damage during the return to the player.


There was a glitch that if the player died while a Boomerang was still in flight, the sound would be heard throughout the level of the game, only stopping if the player closed the window. Turning the Music or Sound Effects (Fx) down did not turn it off. Nitrome fixed this glitch on November 28th, along with the Warlock Glitch.

BubbleGun.png Bubble

Bubble is a weapon in Nitrome Must Die, that, although being considered a weapon, in most cases cannot inflict damage independently. It can possibly be based off the bubbles spawned by the Hammerhead Serpent in Sky Serpents, as well as the old game "Bubble Bobble"

Firing the weapon launches a small bubble, which will form around an enemy if they are small enough. Once it has captured an enemy, the bubble will go through platforms and float up to the ceiling or a stone platform. The bubble remains for a few seconds before it pops and releases its occupant. If an enemy is too big to be captured, bubbles will simply float towards the enemy and burst, dealing very little damage. The main use of the gun is to trap an enemy, then run into the bubble to pop them. This always ends in an instant kill.

Bubble starts at 30 ammo, subtracting 1 ammo per bubble.

Bullethead.png Bullethead

The Bullethead is based off the Gun Helmets used by the Triclopians in the game Bullethead. When Bullethead is obtained, firing it causes the player to point the gun up and fire a bullet that looks very similar to the bullet fired by the Triclopians. The bullets are fired rather slowly, as the player has to reload. The Bullethead gun is only helpful for firing at foes located above the player, and is usually dropped on the level when there is an enemy or many enemies above the player that would otherwise be difficult to hurt.

Buzzsaw.png Buzzsaw

Buzzsaw is based off the floor saw hazards in the game Office Trap. When the weapon is acquired, the player can fire Buzzsaws. A fired Buzzsaw will saw up the floor, going all up walls and platforms attached to it. The Buzzsaw will continue to go up platforms and walls until it hits another saw, or an enemy, where it will fall off the screen. Buzzsaws deal very little damage, and cannot be fired out quickly, its only after a few seconds of the previous Buzzsaw being shot out that the second can be fired. Buzzsaws appear on some levels, but are commonly encountered in Roulette Crates. Buzzsaws are a bad weapon to use, as they deal very little damage and have low ammo. Buzzsaw has a starting ammo of 30, subtracting 1 ammo per shot.

CanaryGun.png Canary

Canary is based off the laser gun used by the The Canaries in Canary.

Upon obtaining the weapon, the player can fire a laser which looks exactly like the laser shot by the Laser gun from Canary, only the laser is a scaled down version of the Canary laser. The laser fired takes up one block of space, and can stretch very far. Blocks and enemies will cause the laser to hit them if they are in the path of the laser.

Canary is essentially a toned down version of the Mega laser, taking up half the space, inflicting less damage, offering less recoil, and having a smaller laser. The gun like the laser gun from Canary can overheat, which is is signified by the abrupt stop of the laser. The Laser can be fired again a few seconds after overheating like in the game. Canary appears very rarely in Nitrome Must Die, and has a starting ammo of 200.


ChiselIcon.png Chisel

Chisel shoots a little driller that appears as a purple sphere with a drill head, face, and legs, being based off Chiseler from the Chisel Series. When shot it will fall to the ground, walk a bit then drill through the ground. The driller will drill through all the platforms underneath it, hurting enemies it touches, stopping when it reaches the bottom of the level. It is not a very good weapon, as it can only hurt enemies directly underneath it, and it doesn't do this immediately. It starts with 20 ammo, and allows multiple drillers to be shot. When it drills, it does not make a hole for the player to fall through. They are first obtained in Challenge Level 6.

ClusterBomb.png Cluster bomb

Cluster bomb is based off the bombs fired by the Mandelbrot and Matryoshka guns in the Steamlands series. Obtaining the cluster bomb allows the player to fire bombs which break into smaller bombs that deal less damage. The player's gun is pointed up when the weapon is fired. The first bomb consists of a single bomb, which when it hits a surface breaks into two bombs, which when they hit another surface break into four smaller bombs. The first/second bomb will not prevent the second/third bomb from being dropped if the first/second bomb entirely explodes when it kills an enemy. The cluster bomb is hard to use to kill flying enemies (which ironically is when it is most spawned), but is best used on clusters of enemy (which ironically is when it is least spawned). The weapon starts off with thirty ammo, subtracting one ammo for every bomb that is fired from the gun (dropped bomblets do not subtract ammo).

Only the first bomb can hurt the player(s). The others only hurt enemies.

Dragonball.png Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is being based off the Dragon Breath weapon from Castle Corp, the ball fired from this weapon being spawned by the Arachdroids in Chisel 2. When the weapon is acquired, firing it fires a purple slow moving sphere that deals damage. A second Dragon Ball can be fired after a few seconds of the first one being fired.

Dragon Balls are quite big, taking up two vertical blocks of space. It is due to the slowness of the Dragon Ball, and its slow reload time, that it is not such a good weapon to use for fighting. It is hard to use on flying enemies, as they move quickly and the Dragon Ball moves slowly, while using it on advancing enemies is also bad, as the weapon has a slow reload. The best use of the weapon is on enemies who have low health, or far away enemies. Dragon Ball starts at 20 Ammo, subtracting 1 ammo per shot.

Farp.png Fart

Fart is possibly based off the farts made by the Parasite in Parasite or fart mode in Twin Shot 2. Firing the weapon after obtaining it shoots a green cloud out. The cloud moves forward a little, then stays in place for a while before disappearing. The player is not affected by the cloud, but enemies are damaged when they come into contact with it. It is possible to shoot the cloud directly onto an enemy, trapping them inside. Fart is a very good weapon as it inflicts a great deal of damage on enemies, and can hold multiple enemies at once.

Fart is best used on crowds of enemies, as it can halt their movement as well as destroy much of them if the cloud stays up long enough. It is also very useful against Employees and for forcing Employees to wait before advancing, giving the player time to maneuver around the level. The alien bee, when killed, leaves behind a cloud of stench exactly similar to the one shot by the Fart gun, only this cloud is purple and hurts the player. The Fart weapon starts at 10 ammo, subtracting 1 per cloud. Multiple clouds can be shot at once.

Fireball.png Fireball


This section is about fireballs from Nitrome Must Die. For fireballs from other games, please see Fireballs.

Fireball is based off Fireballs from Knight Trap and Office Trap. When obtained, it allows the player to fire fireballs which loop around the once. The weapon deals a lot of damage when it passes through an enemy. The weapon can hurt the player, hurting them just like the Motolov(though,it doesn't do as much damage), and can also be fired several times resulting in much damage dealt to a single enemy as they come. The weapon is best used on lines of enemies. The Weapon starts at 30 ammo, subtracting one per Fireball fired. Fireball is also shot by the Dragons when they see the player. This attack, unlike the actual weapon, does not deal massive damage to the player if they are hit by it.

Helmet.png Helmet

Helmet is based off the helmets worn by Enemy 585 and the other Henchmen from the game Enemy 585. Helmet fires a helmet, hence its name, that slides along the floor and bounces off of walls and enemies, damaging them, until it falls off the screen. When Henchmen, also encountered in Nitrome Must Die, are killed, their helmets will come off and bounce around the area, acting the same way as the weapon Helmet. If two helmets hit each other, they will immediately fall off the screen.

HomingMissile.png Homing missile

Homing Missiles are based off the hazards with the same name in Bullethead. Obtaining the weapon will allow the player to fire Homing Missiles, which will home in on the closest enemy and attempt to fly into it. The Homing Missile will cause a small explosion when it hits an enemy, inflicting damage, although the damage nor the explosion is as great as that inflicted by the Rocket. Though they are homing missiles, they aren't guaranteed to hit and sometimes hit a pipe or wall before reaching the enemy. When it is fired, it makes the same sound as the rocket when it is fired.

There is a higher chance the Homing Missile will miss their target the longer in the air they are, as they accelerate in speed as they fly, making the Missile harder to control and hit the target. Homing Missiles will not cause damage if the player is caught in the explosion, but will push the player back every time one is fired. When a Homing Missile is fired, it will try to take the shortest route to the enemy, even if that route is through a wall.

The Nitrome Boss uses this weapon in its third part of its 1st Phase, shooting as many as he can when the player is in his line of vision. Homing Missiles start at 20 ammo, subtracting one ammo per Missile fired.

Machinegun.png Machine gun

Machine Gun is one of the most common guns. The Machine Gun can fire bullets at a very fast sequence, faster than the Pistol. It also makes a sound identical to the Gun from Graveyard Shift. Unfortunately, the Machine Gun delivers recoils, which can sometimes push the player off platforms. The Machine Gun crate gives the player 150 ammo, subtracting 1 ammo per bullet.

MegaLaser.png Mega laser

Mega Laser is an available weapon in Nitrome Must Die, based on the Mega Burp from Fat Cat. Mega Laser fires a laser that is twice the height of a usual block. When fired, It covers the entire floor the character faces, the beam stretching as far in that direction as it can go. The beam can stretch all across the level, however, there has to be enough space. If part of the beam is blocked out, the entire beam will only stretch that far. The beam will not be blocked by enemies, but will instead engulf them in it.

The Mega Laser is a great weapon for using against crowd of enemies, as it can engulf every enemy on the same platform in its beam, and deals a lot of damage. Mega Laser doesn't have the best efficiency for ammo, as it consumes ammo every time it is on. Also, it offers high recoil, pushing the player back when the fire button is held. Mega Laser starts with 200 ammo.

MineIcon.png Mine


This article is about mines from Nitrome Must Die. For mines from other games, please see Mines.

When the Mine weapon is fired, out will come a mine. The Mine will appear as two small metal bars, but will soon pop up into its Mine form, having a black-and-yellow striped middle and a red button on the right side. Any enemy that walks into an armed mine will be engulfed in an explosion, inflicting a lot of damage.

The Mine is a good weapon for placing in areas where enemies are spawned, or in places where the player will know the enemy will walk. It is also useful for fighting Employees, as they will blindly walk into them. Mines are used in multiple Challenge levels, and have a starting ammo of 30.

Minigun.png Mini gun

The Mini Gun fires bullets bigger than bullets from the Pistol and Machine Gun, much bigger than the ones from Out of Ammo. The bullets from the gun are fired in a wave pattern, each bullet being fired lower or higher than the previous one. The Mini Gun has a higher recoil, pushing the player back farther than the Machine Gun. The Mini Gun has a special function that allows the bullets to be fired much faster, unofficially called Automatic Mode.

This mode is activated when the player holds the fire button for a second, and makes all the fired bullets bigger, but consumes more ammo as more bullets are fired. The Mini Gun is good in situations with enemies advancing towards the player, as it can make short work of them. The Mini Gun is better than the Machine Gun, but doesn't appear as often.


Whenever the player switches to another weapon (while having the mini gun), the mini gun's whir can be heard in the background.

MolotovCocktail.png Molotov

Molotov is a gun that came originally from the game Mutiny. When thrown, it will shatter and drop down to the nearest platform and send flames along it in both directions. The flames caused by this weapon will damage anything in the way. It is the deadliest weapon in the game, and it is capable of killing enemies in a matter of seconds, as well as the player if he/she is not careful. It is capable of killing almost all enemies with just one use.

Nanobot.png Nanobot


This section is about nanobots from Nitrome Must Die. For nanobots from other games, please see Nanobots (disambiguation).

The weapon allows the player to fire a nanobot that will spin around firing small bullets out the back of it, bullets that are fired in great number, deal low damage, and go through all platforms the player can jump through the bottom. Stone platforms that the player cannot jump through will block bullets. The nanobot shot is the human piloted nanobot in phase one and in pink form.

A nanobot fired will continuously deal damage by shooting bullets, until it hits an enemy or a wall, and while one nanobot is fired, a second one can only be fired once the first one has been destroyed. The bullets fired do not harm the player, nor does the actual nanobot. The nanobot starts off at ten ammo, subtracting one ammo per nanobot fired.

Oddly, the nanobot in Nitrome Must Die fires bullets out the back of itself, while the one in the game Nanobots fires bullets out of the front of it, where its eyes are.

NinjaStar.png Ninja star

Ninja Star is based off Takeshi's Ninja Stars. The Ninja Star weapon allows the player to fire Ninja Stars. They deal low damage, but can stick to walls and deal damage to enemies which walk into them. They appear uncommonly in Nitrome Must Die, and is a rather bad weapon as it deals low damage and has a low ammo of 25.

Nitro.png Nitro


This section is about Nitro from Nitrome Must Die. For Nitro from the Rubble Trouble series, please see Nitroglycerine.

Nitro is based off Nitroglycerine from the Rubble Trouble Series. When it is shot, it will shoot out, and land on the ground in front of the player. When the "fire" button is pressed again, the Nitro will explode, dealing heavy damage. If the player makes contact with the explosion, he/she will be hurt too. Only one packet of Nitro can be used at a time. The Nitro is much like the Banana Bomb, but instead of bouncing, will fall like the pea shooter.

Nitrome.png Nitrome

Nitrome is based on Nitrome's logo. It shoots the 7 letters that make up Nitrome's logo - N, I, T, R, O, M and E - always in the same order. A letter in motion will deal a very tiny amount of damage to an enemy. When all seven letters are on the screen, the Nitrome Jingle sounds and the letters begin to flash red, soon blowing up creating a big explosion, hurting any enemies that are next to them. It does not cause recoil nor damage the player, although if the letters explode and the player is in the blast, they will be hurt. Once a letter is placed it can't be removed until it is blown up. Nitrome starts with 28 ammo, subtracting 1 per letter, although the letters will only explode once all 7 are on the stage.


There is a glitch that on some levels, some letters will not explode and remain red and flashing.

PeaShooter.png Pea shooter

The Pea Shooter shares many similarities with the player's Gun in Out of Ammo mode. The Pea Shooter fires bullets that have the appearance of the small pebble like objects that come off the top of the player's Gun when Out of Ammo is active, bullets which inflict very little damage, also like the small rocks fired when the player's gun is in Out of Ammo mode. The bullets are fired from the top of the gun, moving down. The Pea Shooter is helpful in some cases, and deals slighly more damage than Out of Ammo. The bullets are also fired slowly. The Pea Shooter has a starting ammo of 50, subtracting one ammo per bullet. However, holding the fire button and then letting go will make the bolt go farther unlike Out Of Ammo

PenguinGun.png Penguin

Penguins is a reference to the Snow Drift Penguins. When fired it shoots a Penguin that will slide on the ground, stopping when it hits an enemy, Wall or Pipe.This is a lobbed gun, meaning that when close to an enemy it may possibly miss them, and it launches in an arch form.. They do not cause recoil nor harm the player. The player is usually armed with it when there is a line of enemies heading towards them. It starts with 20 ammo, where it subtracts 1 ammo per penguin fired.

Pistol.png Pistol

The Pistol is one of the many guns in Nitrome Must Die, and is one of the most common of the guns. It fires a single shot, and can be used to make a line of bullets. The pistol is an all round weapon; it can't hurt the player nor cause recoil, pushing the player back. It can be automatically obtained at the very beginning of the game. The pistol crate gives the player 70 ammo, subtracting 1 ammo per bullet.

PixelGun.png Pixel gun

The weapon fires a pixelated blast made of red pixels, that deals little damage. It, like the Mega Laser, takes up two blocks of space, and can stretch far in a level, providing there is enough room for the entire laser to stretch. The Pixel Gun deals little damage, and also eats up ammo quickly, the same way the Canary and Mega Laser use ammo.

The Pixel Gun appears rarely in Nitrome Must Die, commonly found in Roulette Blocks, only appearing in box form not in a Roulette box on one level. The Pixel Gun starts off at 200 ammo. The pixel gun's logo bears a resemblance to some of the Nitrome Touchy controllers that are seen in the paid version of the Nitrome Touchy app.

Points.png Points

Points is a unique type of weapon. Points is very similar to the mini gun,since it has the same recoil and it fires just as quickly. However,unlike mini gun,the points gun uses the player's score as ammo. Each number fired will subtract 1 point. It only appears in a weapon crate in one of the levels from the level set 41-50.

RocketGun.png Rocket

Acquiring the Rocket weapon allows the player to fire Rockets. The Rockets fired are extremely powerful, able to cut the player down to half health if they are hit, as well as kill an Employee(just like most other explosives). A fired Rocket will travel in the direction it is fired,

The Rocket in the 100th Game skin

picking up speed the longer it is in the air, and exploding when it hits a wall. Firing a Rocket pushes the player back, farther back than when using the Machine Gun. The weapons became popular for Boss and Executive Employees.

Rocket is a very good weapon to use, as when it impacts an enemy it will kill them, or if not kill them weaken them considerably. The Rocket is used by the Nitrome Boss in the second part of his 1st Phase, where he will fire it whenever the player is in his line of vision, usually. He may sometimes fire the Rocket in front of him even when the player is behind him. The player is given an infinite supply of Rocket on level 102, to use against the Nitrome Boss in his Escape Pod. Rocket starts at 10 ammo, subtracting 1 ammo per Rocket fired. The Rocket's ammo cannot be lifted above 10, due to the power of the weapon. However, there is a glitch that makes the ammo 250 if you switch between weapons often. This glitch rarely pops up.

Rockets give a big explosion on impact. This weapon can kill a weak enemy in 1 shot, a big enemy in 4 or 6 shots. There is a glitch that if an employee is on a platform with a wall going to another platform which the player is on, the wall bieng 7cm wide, if the player fires a rocket the employee spawns 7 more and kills them all giving the player -2 health bars. This glich only happens on one level.

Shotgun.png Shotgun

Shotgun is of the most common guns. Shotgun fires several bullets with short range simultaneously. Shotgun can deal a lot of damage to enemies, as most of the bullets are in a cluster going forward. The sound of the gun being reloaded can be heard after the shots are fired. The Shot Gun takes longer to reload than other weapons; this can be a problem in a situation when the player needs a fast firing weapon. The Shot Gun when obtained gives the player 25 ammo, each shot subtracting only 1 ammo, even though 5 bullets are fired.

Slap.png Slap

Firing it will make a white glove on a lever come out and slap twice before retreating back into the gun. Slap deals a lot of damage, but is a risky weapon to use as the player has to get close to the enemy to attack it, the player retreating causing the Slap to miss the enemy. Slap is commonly seen on Roulette Blocks as the icon is a white glove which is quite noticeable.

Spring.png Spring


This section is about springs from Nitrome Must Die. For springs from other games, please see Springs.

Spring is a weapon that appears only in a challenge level, appearing nowhere else in the game. The Spring weapon fires a Spring that can be used to spring an enemy or the player up, although once used the spring will flash shortly and disappear. The Spring fired will drift a bit before stopping, staying there until it is stepped on. Once a Spring is stepped on, it can't be used again, even if the player can stand on it. All enemies are sprung the same height in the air.

The player has to use the Springs on the level they are encountered on to spring enemies up to the top middle platform, on to the left or right top platform, then into spikes. Spring does not have a known ammo, as it only appears on a challenge level, all weapons appearing on challenge levels having infinite ammo.

Suckerpunch.png Sucker punch

It appears as a boxing glove on sucker, which when fired punches out. when fired, if close enough to an enemy the Glove will go through it and deal damage. If too far away, it will hit the enemy, pushing them back and dealing damage, although the damage is not as much as the damage inflicted if it goes through them. The Weapon is good for combat in groups of enemies, and it can deal a lot of damage. The gun starts with 25 ammo, subtracting 1 ammo per punch.

Threeway.png Three way

Three Way is based off the Triple Crossbow from Castle Corp. Obtaining Three Way allows the player to fire three arrows simultaneously. When it is fired, one arrow is fired forward, second one is fired at a 10 degree angle above the first one,and the last arrow is fired at a 20 degree angle above the first arrow . The Arrows will travel in the direction they were shot until they hit a wall or enemy. The arrows are similar to the Twin Shot Arrows, but although they have a similar appearance, Three Way arrows deal more damage than Twin Shot Arrows. Three Way is helpful to use when there are flying enemies, as they are usually hard to hit with most other weapons. They are also good to use when close to enemies, as the Arrows can hit the enemy and deal a lot of damage. Three Way has a starting Ammo of 60, subtracting 3 ammo per shot (1 ammo per arrow).

Toast.png Toast

Toast is based off the Toaster Traps from Office Trap. When obtained, smoke begins to come out of the player's gun, and they can fire Toast. Toast moves down when it is fired, and deals very little damage, as well as has a low ammo. Much Toast can be fired at once, allowing the player to quickly deplete their ammo. Toast acts much like the Out of Ammo function of the player's gun, as Toast and Out of Ammo fire objects which descend down and deal very little damage. Toast's crate has a Toaster on it. Toast appears rarely, most of the time only being found in Roulette Crates. If the player holds the fire button, they can burn the toast (indicated by the smoke turning black) causing the Toast to be shot farther and deal more damage. Toast starts off at 30 ammo, costing 1 ammo per toast.

TwinShotArrow.png Twin Shot arrow

The Twin Shot Arrow is based off the arrows that the Angels use in the Twin Shot Series. Unlike the B.C. Arrow, the Twin Shot arrow fires forward. Much like it does in Twin Shot, the arrow will get stuck if it comes in contact with a wall, and can be used as a platform. It has a low ammo count.

While they are similar, the Twin Shot Arrow's crate differs slightly from the B.C. Arrow in that at the edges there is a small "curve", giving it a more regal appearance.


  • Many of the weapons are like cameos but based off objects from past Nitrome games.
  • The Spring and Bubble Gun are the only two weapons that cannot harm enemies.
  • The Bubble is based on the game Bubble Bobble.
  • Two weapons which were based off weapons from other Nitrome games had their name changed.
    • The Mega Laser is based off the Mega Burp, yet it is called Mega Laser. This is because in Fat Cat, the Cat after eating much food, can 'burp' a giant laser. Its name was changed as it would not make sense for a giant 'burp' to be fired out of a gun.
    • The Dragon Ball weapon is based off the Dragon Breath weapon from Castle Corp. Its name was changed to Dragon Ball in Nitrome Must Die likely due to the weapon in Castle Corp being fired out of a Dragon head shaped gun, while the Nitrome Must Die gun has no resemblance to a Dragon's head, and it would be strange for a weapon called 'Dragon Breath' to have a pink sphere fired out of a gun.
      • The bullet from the Dragon Ball gun, though taken from Castle Corp, looks almost exactly like bullets fired by Arachdroids.
  • The Banana Bomb is the only weapon that can be detonated with the mouse.
  • The Molotov is a cameo of Mutiny. This is not easily seen, as the Molotov in Mutiny was titled "Rum Bottle". The Molotov is also used in Rubble Trouble Moscow, under the same name, but has a different appearance.
  • When the Rocket and Homing Missile are launched, they make the same sound when Norman Noggin launches himself.
  • Despite the name similarities, there is no relation between the Dragon Ball gun and Dragon Ball Z[citation needed].
  • The Fart gun is similar to the Fart gun in Despicable Me 1 and 2.
  • The Sucker Punch bears a resemblance to a weapon used in Codename: Kids Next Door episode 5 season 1.
  • The Minigun weapon's sound effects are similar to the sound effects of the Minigun weapon from Team Fortress 2.