This article is about hammerheads from Sky Serpents. For hammerheads from Mutiny, please see Hammerhead sharks.


The full serpent

The hammerhead serpent is the third sky serpent encountered in Sky Serpents.


The hammerhead serpent is a short, murky green serpent with a head similar in shape to that of a hammerhead shark. It has light orange spike at the end of its body and four smaller light orange spikes, two on each side, near its head. It has bright orange eyes on either sides of its head.

Some holes are placed on the left and right sides of the hammerhead serpent's body and some pinkish purple ovals are placed in the middle of its body. All of the hammer head serpent's body is covered with scales.

Game information

The hammerhead serpent has five weak spots, all which take different ammounts of damage each to destroy, each which is protected by a part of the segment which opens after the previous weak spot is destroyed (except at the start of the level). It is the first sky serpent to have a special ability.


The hammerhead serpent does not sport any sort of attack.


When one of the hammerhead serpent's segments are destroyed, a bubble will come out of separate holes on its body. When the first weak spot is killed, three bubbles will be released. Every time one more weak spot is killed, an extra one bubble will be released.

If the young Norse warrior is caught in one, he will drift up inside the bubble. A speech bubble will come up while he is inside the bubble, instructing the player to rapidly press the spacebar to get out. The bubbles will burst after a short time, if or not carrying the young Norse warrior, but can be made to pop faster via rapid spacebar pressing. This sky serpent seems to have problems with parasites, since it tries to catch the young Norse warrior in a bubble.

Weak spot health

The hammerhead serpent has five weak spots, each which require different amounts of damage. Weak spot one requires exactly five damage each time, while weak spot two requires four to five blows, weak spot three requiring five to six blows, weak spot four requiring five to nine blows, and weak spot five requiring the most of all, between 15-17 blows.

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