This article is about hazards from Rustyard. For hazards from other games, please see hazards.

A list of hazards in the game Rustyard.


Lasers are hazards in the game Rustyard.


Small lasers appear in a block and rotates two red lasers. The movable lasers project two lasers that are opposite sides. There is a handle where you can rotate the lasers. In the middle, there is a large dark circle with four bolts on it.

Game information

Two types of lasers appear in Rustyard: lasers and movable lasers. The small lasers are stationary in the block, while the movable laser's direction is adjustable. The laser beam projected by the laser will turn the robot into small little blocks if it hits him, killing him. Some lasers can be blocked out by other objects that don't disintegrate under its beam. Some lasers are on blocks that can be moved by the player, so that they can get it out of the way of Rusty.


Crushing machines

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Crusher gates


This article is about gates from Rustyard. For gates from other games, please see Gates.

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