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Helm, full name Telemachus Stavropoulos[1], is an artist who joined Nitrome sometime in November 2013.


Helm created a ballpoint pen sketch of an ice cream character inside a UFO, which was attached to a Nitrome blog post on November 28 2013. Another one of his sketches, also of an ice cream character, was attached to a blog post on December 8 2013. He also created the artwork for the 2013 game Bad Ice-Cream 3, along with Markus Heinel.

He is also one of the art leads at Mojang.


Game Date (Y/M/D) Notes
Bad Ice-Cream 3 2013/12/20 With Markus Heinel
changeType() 2014/02/20
Ditto 2014/03/26 Provided additional art
Sleepless Pug 2014/06/02 Nitrome Game Jam
Bump Battle Royale 2014/08/01 With Markus Heinel and Giuseppe Longo
Submolok 2014/11/27 Provided additional art
Platform Panic 2014/12/17
Silly Sausage in Meat Land 2015/03/25
Cooped Up 2015/05/06 With Markus Heinel
Green Ninja 2015/06/10 With Jon Annal
Vault! 2015/07/22
Beneath The Lighthouse 2015/10/29 With Mat Annal and Markus Heinel
Gopogo 2015/11/26
Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert 2016/12/21
Flat Pack 2017/09/18



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