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Released October 27th, 2008
Skin No. 4
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Special First and only Halloween-themed skin
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Horror is the fourth selectable site skin, released on October 27th 2008[1]. All Nitrome characters featured in Horror are dressed in a Halloween fashion, in the form of monsters, zombies and vampires. Nitrome Towers can also be seen in the background.


In the background, Nitrome Towers can be seen in a graveyard, in front of a full moon filled with dark purple clouds in the sky. Beside it, Magneboy is seen poking out of the ground, and beside him is a zombie-like guard infested with maggots, standing. The red feather tribesman is walks away from the guard, also acting like a zombie, with maggots stuck to his head.

On the right side of the skin, Poly sticks his head out of the ground. To Poly's right is a basic cyber guard acting like a vampire. Toxic is also seen without his visor and two orange eyes in his head area. Up in the leafless tree are both the cat and dog from In The Dog House, acting like ghosts, the big hat pirate ghost, the owl from Fat Cat looking ghostly.

The weresquare also makes its first appearance, sitting on a tree above the zombie-like characters. It was an enemy for a cancelled Square Meal 2 that was not mentioned until a blog post in 2012.

Bats are seen flying around, while one is perched amongst many graves.


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Horror tileA zombie version of the Hazmat Hero from the Toxic seriesA mutant cyber samurai from Final NinjaA brain from Small FryThe big hat pirate zombie from MutinyA mutant Poly from Roly PolyA zombified red feather tribesman from OnekeyA mutant version of a guard from Dirk ValentineThe owl from Fat Cat in a zombie formA cat from Dog HouseA weresquare from the unreleased Square Meal 2A dog from In the Dog HouseMagneboy in a zombie form rising from the groundA gravestone representing Frost BiteA gravestone representing NanobotsA gravestone representing Final Ninja ZeroA gravestone falsely hinting a sequel for Dirk ValentineNitrome Towers in the foreground on the skinA bat, from several Nitrome gamesA bat, from several Nitrome gamesA bat, from several Nitrome gamesA bat, from several Nitrome gamesA bat, from several Nitrome games


Some tombstones hinted sequels for certain games. Next year Final Ninja Zero was released, which was hinted by the "F.N. 0RP" tombstone. Close to the end of 2008, Nitrome released Frost Bite 2, the sequel to Frost Bite, Frost Bite 2 being hinted by the tombstone that reads "FB?" and an image.

Featured in the skin was a character called the weresquare, who was slated to appear in Square Meal 2, but because Square Meal 2 was temporarily shelved and forgotten about until 2012, the weresquare was never shown outside of Nitrome.

The skin contains two fake hints, one of them being a tombstone that reads "DV 2009?", which, although hinting a Dirk Valentine sequel in 2009, was just a joke as Nitrome sometimes teased fans about a sequel to Dirk Valentine. There is also a tombstone labelled "NANOBOTS RIP", which is a fake hint for a Nanobots sequel (as Nitrome never mentioned a sequel to Nanobots).

Hidden avatar gift

On October 27th and 30th 2014, Nitrome hid two avatar gifts in the Horror skin, obtainable only by those who had a Nitrome account. Clicking the gift grants the viewer an avatar.


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  • Every character appears to be a zombie in the skin, except the brain and weresquare.
  • Horror and Factory are tied for having the third least amount of characters both skins having thirteen. The second being The Bricks having four characters, and the winter skin in fourth, having only fourteen characters (not including the two climbers).


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