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The ice cream characters are the main characters of the Bad Ice-Cream series.


Shaped like a swirled scoop of ice cream, the ice cream characters are made of three layers that lessen in length towards the top. Their facial features are two thick, brown eyebrows, thin black slits for eyes and a mouth spanning the distance between their eyes. Two tiny feet stick out from under the ice cream characters for walking.

Depending on the player's choice in the game's menu, they may be brown, white or pink coloured, representing chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. In Bad Ice Cream 2, there are three new flavours: sorbet (yellow), mint-choc-chip (green), bubble gum (blue). These characters were later added to the original Bad Ice-Cream.

Game information

Throughout the games, the ice cream characters must collect all the fruit present in each level in order to progress. They possess the ability of blowing out cold air to create rows of ice blocks and smash a row of them when put together on the same line, usually used for defense against enemies within a level. Contact with an enemy causes an ice cream character to fall backwards and melt into a puddle.

The game concludes with the ice cream characters happily residing on ice cream cones, with fruit below them and confetti falling from the sky. The story behind the levels leading up to Bad Ice-Cream's ending is unknown.

Bad Ice-Cream 3 flavors

On December 15 2013, Nitrome announced a new flavour of ice cream; Licorice. They also released a preview image of the new female ice cream character. Nitrome also stated on December 17 2013, that there would be a smokey bacon flavour. [1] [2]

Other appearances

  • Super Stock Take - At the bottom of the right shelf in the background of Super Stock Take is a box with an ice cream character on it.
  • Ice Temple skin - The three original ice cream characters appear. A chocolate ice cream is watching the strawberry ice cream blowing ice and the vainilla ice cream squished by a Steamlands tank.
  • Icebreaker skin - A vanilla ice cream character appears standing on an ice block. A bubble gum ice cream character appears blowing ice onto a Viking.
  • Avalanche skin - A vanilla ice cream appears running away from an avalanche.
  • Bad Iceberg skin - A vanilla ice cream appears to be giant in order to crash everything in the skin.
  • December 24 2012 Friday update - A vanilla ice cream is seen kicking Cuboy.
  • Leap Day -
    Vanilla and Strawberry make a cameo appearance in Whip's second Selfie.
  • HTML5 games announcement - A strawberry and a vanilla ice cream are used in all of the advertisements for the HTML5 games, as Bad Ice-Cream was the first game to be ported to HTML5.


All images are found throughout the Bad Ice-Cream series unless specified.



  • When playing in multiplayer mode, the two ice cream characters cannot pass each other on the same line.
  • The ice cream characters may be based off Pac-Man.
  • The strawberry, mint-choc-chip, and smokey bacon ice cream characters are the only ones that have orange lips, and the rest have pink lips.
  • There are two female ice cream characters, sorbet and licorice. The rest are male.
  • The smokey bacon flavour actually started out as a joke, but with some research to prove the flavour's existence, it became a real flavour.[3]