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Ice eaters are enemies in Bad Ice-Cream 2.


Ice eaters look like small, furry yellow cubes (that resemble a sponge) in their small state, but when they absorb an ice cube, they turn into large, rectangular monsters resembling bath sponges, with yellow lips and an unibrow. They also appear to be always frowning, like most Bad Ice-Cream enemies.

Game information

Ice eaters will always start out in their small state, but soon, they will jump on a nearby ice cube and absorb it completely, turning into their big state. During this, they will wander around aimlessly until an ice cream character lines up directly in front of them, which will cause them to spit the ice cube out and revert to their small state.

A spat ice cube will travel in a straight line until it hits something, which will cause it to break. The player can easily prevent these enemies from harming them by destroying all available ice in the level.


  • The enemies may be a reference to trolls from Square Meal, as trolls can eat blocks and then spit them out.