The Icebreaker website is the second website released for an iPhone Nitrome game, and the first for an Android one. Released on July 12th 2012, Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage is the second Nitrome game to receive its own website (the first being Super Feed Me). This website is constructed similarly to 1.5, which also served as a site for a mobile phone game. Along with being able to be accessed through a regular internet browser, it can also be accessed through a Facebook app titled Nitrome - Ice Breaker IOS/Android News


The Ice Breaker website was released on July 12th 2012. At first, it was only a single page. Later, on August 8th 2012, it was updated with several other pages. The site gained a new design on December 13th 2013[1]. It was updated on May 14th 2013 and was moved to its own website.


The Ice Breaker website went through three versions, similar to what Super Feed underwent.

Version 1.0

This version of the site consists completely of the home page. At the time, the site lacked navigational buttons, as they were unnecessary as only the home page existed.

Undergoing massive changes on August 8th 2012, the Ice Breaker website gained three new pages. The homepage was not changed, but the website welcomed the addition of the Updates, Comments, and Sign Up! page.

Version 2.0

This version of the site features an updated design and the removal of the comment section.

Version 3.0

This version of the site was launched on May 14th 2013. It is very similar to Version 2.0, but Version 3.0 having more art on it. The Sign Up! page was replaced with the Support page, along with several other minor changes to other pages.

The most notable change was how the entire website was moved to its own website - . Although links to the Ice Breaker website when it was still hosted on do work, links to take the reader to certain sections no longer function correctly, and instead take the reader to the top of the page.


The Ice Breaker website features four pages, the first being the homepage added when the site was launched, and the three other pages added when the site was updated on August 8th 2012. Two pages were dropped throughout the history of the site, the page to be removed being the comments page, removed during Version 2.0. For Version 3.0, the Sign Up! page was merged into the homepage.

General appearance

Version 1.0

All pages on the website have a dark white background and a white page which houses the page's content (these colours regularly used for pages in the iTunes/App store). At the top of the page, the logo for Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage will be featured. Some pages may either have regular large black text, or a variation of the usual Ice Breaker: A Viking Village logo. At the top right side of the page is a box with the Nitrome logo, and a speech bubble that has Cuboy's face in it.

Version 2.0


This version has pages stylized to look as though they are made out of wood. The top of the page features a brown wooden plank with the edges curved up, this plank being brown in colour. Under this plank is a smaller plank, this plank lighter in colour (being a light brown colour). Placed at the far left end of the plank - on the brown curved up part - is a bolt that appears as bronze coloured gem from Flightless (although the bolt is not from Flightless, nor connected to the game).

Close to the middle of this plank are two bolts - the middle-left bolt appearing as the previously mentioned curve-places bolt, and the middle-right bolt appearing titled to the left a bit. At the far right side of the plank, on the side curving up, is a wooden shield with two quarters of it coloured red, and two quarters coloured brown, each quarter appearing almost triangular and having the pointy part of that quarter pointing towards the other same coloured quarter.

Placed intersecting at least all these quarters is the brown coloured Nitrome logo. Placed around on these quarters are bolts of varying size. This wooden shield is held up by a large chain. Placed on top of the wooden plank are four (apparently) metal boxes, each having a dark bronze rim that covers a very dark green box, this rim having mini bolts in it. There are four of these boxes, the covered part of the box having text on it.

The boxes are in this order (with each box having one word on it): HOME, UPDATES, CHARACTERS, and SIGN UP! . Below the mentioned plank, where the edges curve up, is a wooden light brown block that looks as though it has been hit with a hammer. The area between these two blocks is just brown wood. Below these two blocks is a brown wooden plank, lighter in colour than the first plank, and not having any curving wooden pieces on the end of the plank.


An example of Version 2.0's background and page layout

This plank is on top of another plank, below these two planks being the same hammered wooden blocks mentioned above. In the middle of the structure - created when all these components are stacked on top of each other - is the Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage logo that has a scroll underneath it, this scroll having words on it relating to the subject of the page.


To the left side of the page appears to be a small island with an apparently old tree, this tree having four branches that lift up towards the sky, this tree being a close to dark brown colour with a few occurrences of a light brown colour; this tree is apparently old from the use of colours, the form of the branches, and how the branches lack no leafs.

Below the giant roots of the tree are a few bushes; to the right of this tree and its bushes is an image of an Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage troll who is in front of a treasure chest. To the right of him and the treasure chest - and also in front of the island - are algae or moss; behind this moss being a stone that has been cut out to look like the face of a Viking.

In the background are fog and two big mountains, the lower parts of these mountains seeming to have a few trees on them. Above where the mountain goes high up is ice, pointy ice pointing down. To the right of the wooden page is a longboat with two First clan Vikings and a first clan ice breaker. High above them is ice, this ice having a large pointy piece that has a frozen first clan Viking in it.

Along with this, this is a medium sized mountain whose top is visible in the background, this mountain having dead trees on it. Flying across both sides of the page is a bird, this bird appearing grey, almost as a silhouette.

Placed at the bottom of a page is a seafloor. This seafloor appears as a mildly dark green platform that spans the entire width of the bottom of the page, the seafloor having three patches of seaweed.

Version 3.0


Version 3.0 uses the same basic page layout as Version 2.0, except with the addition of a new Ice Breaker logo instead of the previous logo: this new logo features a gold Viking helmet amidst two gold diamonds - two large gold diamonds next to the sides of the helmet, and two smaller ones next to the bigger ones.

Below this is the word "ICEBREAKER" is a crimson (dark red) colour. Below this is a word in white, what this word being based on the type of page the player is on. Below this word is a larger scroll, this scroll featuring white text on it, and this white text based on the section or page the player is viewing.

Finally, below the shield that has the word "Nitrome" on it is a white shield that has three stars on it and the word "Rovio Stars" below the stars.


The background is the same as the background of Version 2.0; the only difference is an Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage chicken has been added in the far-right limb of the tree. What has also been changed is the troll, chicken, frozen Viking, non-frozen Vikings, and Viking ice breaker's are now animated and will sometimes move.

The seafloor is not changed; however, visible in the background is a light green platform that has been made to look as though it is some distance away from the mentioned mildly dark green platform.


An example of Version 3.0's background and page layout

Bubbles will appear at the bottom of this seafloor and slowly float up, sometimes groups of bubble moving up. There have been two new silhouette creatures added to the background - a large water dwelling fish and a small water dwelling fish. Along with this, the crow that flies across the background now flies to the left across the background, instead of just flying to the right.


Instead of the Facebook comment module being used, Nitrome began using the Disqus comment module. For pages that have multiple comments sections, when a comment section is open, going to another section that has comment will not display the comment until the reader has clicked the "Show comments" button.

Along with this, the "Sign Up!" tab has been replaced with a tab titled "Support", likely because the "Sign Up!" tab was redundant in that all the content on the tab was already present on the homepage.

iPhone compatibility

One of the reasons for the launch of this version of the Icebreaker website is so that the website runs smoother[2] on iPad[2] and iPhone[2], as this update now allows the website's background animations to function[2] and for the site to be less zoomed out[2] on both aforementioned devices.

Current pages

This section lists all the pages that are currently accessible on the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage website.


Added: July 12th 2012
Version at time of adding: Version 1.0
The homepage serves as the splash page for those who visit the Icebreaker website. For Version 1.0 and Version 2.0, the image page has mostly remained the same. It was for 3.0 that the page was changed.

Version 1.0
The Moon Apple Logo Incomplete section

This section is incomplete. You can help by adding the missing info.
Needed: How the name of the page is displayed

Pages appeared as a simple white page amidst a dark white background, this page having a box placed at the right side of the page, this box containing a gold Nitrome logo with a speech bubble that has a Cuboy face in it.

Version 2.0


The homepage is constructed a large 2D iPod Touch placed at the top of the page. On the iPhone is presumably the titlescreen for the game. Featured under that is a bar featuring several social networking buttons, such as the ability to share the website on Facebook, 1+ it with Goggle +1, tweet it on Twitter, among other buttons.

Underneath this bar are three boxes, two placed in a vertical line on the right side underneath the image, and a gallery if images placed on the left side of the boxes and being the length of both of the right side boxes. The top right-placed box holds the short description of the game (Description), while underneath this box is another one that lists the features (Features).

The section next to these two boxes shows the mini images of the screenshots (Screenshots), with 10 listed. Below all the image is a link titled "Download the screenshots here!". Below all this is another bar titled "Coming exclusively to all iOS devices! (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)".

Below this section is a section titled "Frequently Asked Questions", listing some frequently asked questions and answers from Nitrome. Below this (and at the end of the page) is a section that allows people with Facebook accounts to comment.


Unusually, at the time of Version 2.0 being released, the top navigational bar was not present at the top of this page. Thus, the only way to get to any of the other pages is through Nitrome Blog post 534 (at the time of Version 2.0's release) or through typing in the URL. This was soon fixed.

Nitrome added a box below the first box on the page (the one that has the video), this box (usually) having a short snippet of text from the most recent update.


The homepage of the Ice Breaker website allows the reader to view the first trailer of Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage, along with Tweet, share on Facebook and Google+, and also share on other social networking sites, along with email the page to a friend.

The second box lists a short snippet of information regarding the most recent update, while the box below this lists screenshots of Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage along with the game's features, a short description about the game, and a box at the bottom of this box that allows the player to input their Email address so that they can receive the Ice Breaker Newsletter - an Email sent out once Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage is released.

Below this box lists the frequently asked questions about Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage, however, due to the tendency for Nitromians to pester Nitrome about content unrelated to Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage, Nitrome has also included an answer about what has happened to Super Feed Me. Finally, below this box is a box that contains a Facebook module, a module that allows people to comment on the page, using either Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or AOL.

Sign Up change

When the site was first released, if one were to subscribe to the Icebreaker newsletter, they would be taken to a different Homepage. Changes were minor: the social buttons were placed in a brown speech bubble coming from a Viking, and the Viking present on the "Sign Up!" page was present, complete with his dialogue.

Version 3.0

Version 3.0 made a few changes to the page, changes that involved merging other section into the homepage and splitter other sections, along with other changes.


This page in the first box features an exclusive Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage image, this image appearing as if drawn. The image contains the new Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage logo in the middle of the picture, with a goat and Troll to the right of the logo, and a first clan Viking and Ice Breaker on the left, the ice breaker next to a bush and with a chicken on his hammer.

This image is above a wooden plank that contains a box in the middle of the plank, this box reading "Coming soon!". Below this box is another box, this box containing videos and nothing else, a video being displayed in the box at its regular YouTube size and resolution, and to the right of this box being a vertical rectangle that allows the player to pick the Rovio Stars trailer or the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage Teaser Trailer; the Rovio Stars trailer is always displayed first.

Selecting a different video will cause it to immediately play and for the entire page to slightly dim. The final box - placed below the video box - contains a ten pictures from the game, the game's description, and the Ice Breaker Newsletter email box. The top-right section of the box has an arrow that contains text regarding the most recent update in the updates section.


The usage of this page is the same as the Version 1.0-2.0 version, with the exception of the comments section being removed and the updates section being reduced to a wooden arrow.

Changes from Version 1.0-2.0 homepage

The most obvious change was the addition of the exclusive artwork at the top of the page, the videos box, the removal of the comment section, and Frequently Asked Questions moved to the "Support" page.


Added: August 8th 2013
Link: This page lists the various features Nitrome reveals about Icebreaker A Viking Voyage. Presumably, all Updates will have a title Update #: <name of update>, where # is the update's number (1, 2, 3, etc.), <name of update> is the update's name (Side Quests!, for example). Also there are Developer Diaries, having the title "Developer Diaries #<number>".

Although being called Updates, each section is not really an update but a revealing of features present in Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage that have not yet been revealed. The Developer Diaries show the progress of the game and also tell the reader about small features of the game.

Changes between versions

Most versions of the Updates page of Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage are almost exactly the same. The only changes was this: for Version 1.0 to 2.0, a Facebook Social Plugin was used for comments, this plugin allowing users to post comments if they have a Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo, or AOL account.

This plugin was replaced with a Disqus plugin for Version 3.0. Since the Ice Breaker website was moved to its own domain, links to the updates page that would take the reader to a certain section do not work anymore, the player simply being taken to the top of the page.


Update #1: Side Quests!

This update explains how side quests work, and how certain levels will have a secondary objective that may not be apparent.

Developer Diaries #1

This section lets the reader know about the number of packs and levels, and also that there will be bosses, and purchasable extra packs after the release of the game.

Update #2: Maps!

The appearance and functions of the map are revealed.

Update #3: Screen Resolutions!

This update deals about the resolution of the game on different version of the iPhone.

Update #3.1: Screen Resolutions!...again?

This update was created to inform fans what Icebreaker A Viking Voyage would look like on the screen of the iPhone 5, at the time released less than a week ago.

Update #4: Set Pieces!

This update was meant to show what Nitrome meant by Set Pieces, which were interactive objects specially designed for a certain level.

Update #5: Characters

This update covers the story of some of the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage characters in the game.

Developer Diary #2

Nitrome says how Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage is now 90% complete. Along with this, they reveal how they are working on the first boss, and how the boss took a lot of time to make. They also plan on making a trailer and a demo version to distribute to sites.

Update #6: Evolution!

This update covers the transition from the regular artwork of the first three games of the Ice Breaker series to the art of A Viking Voyage.

Developer Diary #3

Nitrome provides a screenshot of the game, along with how the game is constantly being worked on.

Developer Diary #4

Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage's percentage complete is increased to 99%. Nitrome announces how something very exciting will be revealed tomorrow (tomorrow referring to Tuesday May 14th 2013), and how six Nitrome employees are working on the game.

Rovio Stars™

Nitrome reveals Rovio Stars, a program created by the entertainment company Rovio Entertainment. This also reveals how Rovio will be the publishers of the game.

New trailer!

Nitrome reveals the Rovio-made Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage reveal trailer.

Update #7: Rovio Stars?

This update covers why Nitrome picked Rovio to publish Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage.

Update #8: "Characters"

Covered in this update are four more characters: The Village Chief, The Common Troll (Troll), The Goat Herder (Goat Herder), Crows, and the Mountain Troll.

Update #9: New Logo!

This update covers the transition between the old Icebreaker A Viking Voyage logo and the new one.

Update #10: Swanky website

Covered in this update the Icebreaker website being made to look good on iPad and iPhone.

Update #11: God Powers

This update covers the three God Powers that will be in the game.

Update #12: Even more characters!

The Shopkeeper, Doorbell, Skull, and Blacksmith are revealed.

Release date! (Update #13)

A release date is announced.

Freeze Frame! (Update #14)

Freeze Frame is released.

Final Characters (Update #15)

The regular Viking, Ghost, Chicken, and Two Headed Troll are revealed.

Android News! (Update #16)

Icebreaker A Viking Voyage is announced to have an Android port being made.

Update #17: Achievements

Achievements are revealed.

Update #18: New level pack!

A new level pack is revealed.


Added: October 18th 2012
This page listed the various characters that were going to be used through Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage. When the page was first introduced on October 18th 2012, it was almost an exact copy of Update #5, with the exception of a Facebook Module added at the bottom of the page and how Graham the Goat had a section, as he was absent from Update #5.


This page's layout has not differed from the general layout of any version of the site. The sections are designed so that the name of the character is the main heading of the section, with the character's animated sprite and a additional sprites alongside this animated sprite (the additional sprites added for Version 3.0).

Below this will be the text describing the character. At the very bottom of the page is a Facebook Comment Module (Version 1.0-2.0) or a Disqus comment module (Version 3.0).


At a certain point, the page was updated so that the sprites of each character would move. Unfortunately, these animated images had white backgrounds, thus, they looked odd during the Version 2.0 site.

This page was updated for Version 3.0, the images now having a transparent background. Along with this, additional sprites for each character were included alongside each .gif of each character.

On May 17th 2013, this page was updated with four other characters: The Village Chief, The Common Troll (Troll), The Goat Herder (Goat Herder), Crows, and the Mountain Troll.

It was updated again on two other occasions, one occasion to add the Shopkeeper, Doorbell, Skull, and Blacksmith, and another to add the regular Viking, Ghost, Chicken, and Two Headed Troll.


This page is generally only used for learning information about each character of Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage.


Added: May 14th 2013
This page contains information regarding questions people may have about Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage. This page features a Facts and Questions section (FAQ) that answers various questions regarding Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage, along with an answer to the fan-favorite questions about what has happened to Super Feed Me.

This page features a Disqus module at the bottom of the page, a module that allows people to comment on the page.


This page uses the general appearance of Version 3.0 of the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage site, containing the Facts-and-Questions section under the second wooden plank, this section having Ice Breaker coins as bullet points. At the bottom of this section is a wooden plank that has the Disqus module below this plank.


This page's usage is for finding out technical information regarding Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage, along with a place to ask technical questions regarding Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage.


This page was updated on June 20th, with information regarding what to do in Icebreaker A Viking Voyage.

Removed pages

This section lists the pages that were at one point available on the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage website, but were later removed.


This page is devoted completely to the Facebook Social Plugin, a plugin which creates a section which allows people to post comments if they have a Facebook account.


Going with the general look of the Version 1.0 site, this page appears as the general white page, just with the Facebook Social Plugin on it.


In this plugin, older comments are placed at the top of the section, while newer ones are placed at the bottom.

Due to the primary setup of this plugin, newer comments are only visible if the player advances all the way to the bottom of the plugin, which not only requires a constant pressing of the "View more!" tab, but stretches the page. This can be changed if one is to click the upside-down blue triangle, across from the "Add comment" button.

This allows one a few options to how they would like the comments to be arranged; Social Ranking is how the comments are primarily set, and the setup whenever the page is viewed. The comments under this option are sorted according to the number of likes, thus, comments with the most likes show up at the top, and comments with less likes show up lower down.

Chronological is similar, only that older comments show up at the top, and newer comments at the bottom. Reverse Chronological is a reverser of Chronological, newer comments are shown at the top of the page, while older ones are shown at the bottom.


The comments page after being removed

At the time of Version 1.0, the plugin was also placed on the Homepage and Updates page, and is updated whenever a new comment is posted. A possible reason for this Facebook Social Plugin gaining its own page is accessibility - instead of having to go to the very bottom of the Home/Updates page, one can click the "Comments" tab.

Possible reason for removal

The comment section was removed during the transition between Version 1.0 and 2.0. The reason for its removal was likely due to it not being very useful - there were a number of other Facebook Modules placed throughout the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage site.

Existence after removal

Despite being removed, its page still exists, under the URL . Oddly, the logo used for the page during Version 1.0 is still present when the above page is accessed.

It is interesting to note that the page in further versions (accessible by the above link) has not had its layout changed, in fact, it does not even have a page background, just a general background.

Sign Up!

Added: July 12th 2012
Link: (link still works)
The sign up page was added so that users could add their Email address and subscribe to the Nitrome Icebreaker Newsletter - an Email sent out once Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage was released.


The page uses the site's Version's general page appearance. The only content on the page that differentiates from that site's Version's basic layout is the presence of a speech bubble asking the player to sign up for the "news letter", this being said by a large cast of Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage characters.


This page's usage was solely for signing up for the Nitrome Newsletter. This section exists only so that the reader can sign up for the Icebreaker newsletter, which will include information when sent out. A pixel Viking with a crown-like helmet is seen asking in a brown speech bubble "Coming exclusively to all iOS devices! (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Sign up for the news letter and be the first to know when it’s out!".

Typing in an email address and clicking "Sign up!" will subscribe the reader to the Icebreaker newsletter.

Version 1.0 signup oddity

Oddly, when one subscribes on the Version 1.0 version of the Ice Breaker A Viking Voyage site, they are taken to a different Version 1.0 home page. The only difference this home page has from the regular one is that the bar containing all the social buttons is replaced with a Viking that has a brown speech bubble that contains the social buttons.

Also, prior to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section is the same Viking with the crown-like helmet, saying in his brown speech bubble the content he said on the "Sign Up!" page.

Possible reason for removal

The reason the Sign Up! page was likely removed was because it was rather redundant and a waste of space - what the page was trying to accomplish was already accomplished on the homepage. Along with this, the "Sign Up!" box on the homepage was likely more noticeable and was likely to be used more than the actual "Sign Up!" page. These factors likely contributed to the removal of the "Sign Up!" page.

Existence after removal

Despite the page being removed during the Icebreaker website transition between Version 2.0 and 3.0, the page is still accessible, through its regular URL. This page has been untouched since it was launched, as nothing on the page was changed during the Ice Breaker website transition between Version 2.0 and 3.0.

The sprites do not even moved in the background, something introduced across all Version 3.0 pages. However, this page features an unusually large background, a background that stretches unusually far down the page, despite the "Sign Up!" page being rather small. This unusually large background is likely attributed to a change in the site's code somewhere.

The page can be accessed through its regular URL - .

Access URL

For Version 3.0 of the Ice Breaker website, the website was moved to its own domain - this domain being . Nitrome stated in Update #10 "Swanky Website" that they had bought up other domains, so that if someone wanted to get to the site and didn't know how, and they experimented with different URLs, they would have a higher chance of getting to the site with an incorrect URL that redirected to the current Ice Breaker site.

The URL's that redirect to the site are all the previous links to the Ice Breaker site that Nitrome linked to when the Ice Breaker site was still part of, and URLs such as[3] . Nitrome did not state all the domains they bought that redirect to the site, though.



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