Infected canaries are enemies in the game Canary.


Infected canaries appear as usual canaries - yellow hard hat, yellow boots, yellow gloves, an a oxygen object. The alterations done to them is that an alien larva with a purple spherical head, blue eye, and tentacles around the Miner, is now present. Also, these canary miners have purple glowing eyes, and purple stained clothes.

Game information


Infected canaries are brainwashed Canary miners who were corrupted by an alien larva. After the aliens attacked Canary Mining Colony CM08, and The Canaries repelled the attack, the alien larvae made it into the canary headquarters, and began to corrupt miner canaries, not changing their appearance yet, but making them not feel good.

Mniner Canary Corruption

Corrupted Miner Canary

Once a miner canary in charge became infected, its appearance was changed, with the alien larvae appearing with on his helmet.

In game

Infected canaries in Canary are only encountered in level twenty three, the penultimate level. Two types of Canaries are fought here: walking infected canaries and flying infected canaries. Walking infected canaries walk horizontally left, turning at walls.

They serve no real threat to the player, and can easily be killed, yielding two hundred and fifty points. Because of their walking, not noticing what has happened to them, they can easily be killed by hazards, like Crushers. The second type of infected canary is the flying infected canary. Flying infected canaries have jet packs to fly around and a purple laser gun for attacking.

The flying infected canaries face left, and move right, although they seem to be staying in one place. They will move, then fire their laser gun. After three shots, they will fly off, and another flying infected canary will take their place. The flying infected canaries are very hard to kill, subsequently, very hard to avoid due to the moment of the level and the movement of the enemy canary.


Penguin 1

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The alien larva will also make the miner canary to say that he likes how he feels and to Canary 214-LE to join them. Although, his mind is not fully corrupted, and sometimes he will get to his normal behavior for some seconds, telling the right thing to 214-LE, but then gets corrupted again.

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