Jelly bean ninjas[1] are enemies in Green Ninja.

General appearance

All jelly bean ninjas are blue in colour, have a pair of white square-shaped eyes and are shaped like a fingertip, excluding the hovering jelly bean ninjas.

General game information

All jelly bean ninjas require one hit to be killed and can stick to a wall. None of the jelly bean ninjas' attack can harm Green Ninja, excluding the Shuriken jelly bean ninja's shurikens. Killing all jelly bean ninjas is the key to winning every level.


Platform jelly bean ninjas

Platform jelly bean ninjas are bean-shaped blue creatures with white eyes and a red headband. Platform jelly bean ninjas are completely stationary and are the most common type of jelly bean ninja encountered. These enemies are found clinging to walls, ceilings, or standing on the ground.

Hovering jelly bean ninjas

Hovering jelly bean ninjas appear like Jellybean ninjas, but have a yellow conical hat with a propeller. Like platform jelly bean ninjas, hovering jelly bean ninjas remains stationary but with the added ability of being able to hover in the air.

Jumping jelly bean ninjas

Jumping jelly bean ninjas looks exactly the same as platform jelly bean ninjas except that they have a green headband instead of a red one. Jumping jelly bean ninjas will initially remain stationary, but when the Green Ninja moves, these enemies will jump towards the direction they are facing.

Sensei jelly bean ninjas

Sensei jelly bean ninjas appear as dark blue jelly bean ninjas with a white mustaches and beard. Sensei jelly bean ninjas are like jumping jelly bean ninjas, but move much faster. The only way to kill these enemies is to attack from the opposite side where sensei jelly bean ninjas are.

Shuriken jelly bean ninjas

Shuriken jelly bean ninjas appear as dark blue jelly bean ninjas wearing a purple samurai helmet which has a yellow "V" on top and a yellow rectangle at the bottom. When Green Ninja passes in front of a shuriken jelly bean ninja is at, it will spit a fast-moving shuriken which can kill Green Ninja on contact. A shuriken jelly bean ninja's vision can be blocked by blocks.


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