Jon Annal is a senior game artist at Nitrome.


Jon Annal was the third member to join the team on May 20, 2005[1] and has been involved in the design and development of many Flash games for Nitrome. Prior to joining Nitrome, he worked as a multimedia designer for digital agency Preloaded and holds a BA (Hons) in Visual Communications from Leeds University.

Art style

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Other work

Spacescape folder

The Spacescape Folder design

Jon Annal previously worked for a company called "Avery", where he was presumably a graphic designer. One of his most well known work is an image called "Spacescape", which was erroneously interpreted as an unreleased Nitrome game. This claim was first documented on the Nitrome Wiki, before it was documented on other website and accepted by many fans as an unreleased Nitrome game, despite the description for the art contradicting the claim that it was an unreleased game.


Voice work


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