This article is about aliens from Space Hopper. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Jumping aliens are enemies that first appear on level 7 of Space Hopper and come in two variations. They are not affected by the gravity of other planets since they can jump through other planets.


Jumping aliens are peanut shaped, have three eyes and have a jello-like structure. The three small eyes dot the top of the jumping aliens' heads. A light colour glow surrounds the aliens' bodies.

Game information

Blue jumping aliens

Blue jumping aliens stay in on place and jump vertically. The only way to get past them is to run under them once they are in the air. If a planet comes within their jumping range they will go through it. Blue jumping aliens will subtract one health from the player's health bar, and jump rather far out into space.

Green jumping aliens

Unlike blue jumping aliens, green jumping aliens jump around planets. To get past them, the player can run under them as they are jumping. If a planet comes within their jumping range, they will jump through it. They move horizontally, jumping a medium distance.