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Jumping ball towers are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream. They also appear in Nitrome Must Die.


The jumping balls towers appear as three coloured balls stacked on top of each other. Each ball has a unibrow over their two eyes, which are dark brown lines. They have large, pink lips, and their bodies are completely spherical in shape. All the balls are identical except for the colour of their bodies. On top is a blue ball, followed by a green one in the middle, and a yellow ball on bottom.

Game information

Bad Ice-Cream

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Jumping ball towers are are able to dig underneath the ground and reappear anywhere else near the player and even underneath the player. This prevents the player from caging them in by surrounding them with ice blocks.

Nitrome Must Die

Jumping ball towers also appear as enemies in the game Nitrome Must Die. Their sprite was shrunk down to its original pixels to fit with the game. In the game, the jumping ball towers stay in one place, then jump around.

They can teleport to another area in the level by digging into the ground, but will stop teleporting if they are damaged by any weapon. They are hard to hit because of their mobility skill.