The kitty cruiser is a ship owned by Rockitty, acting as an interactive object in the game with the same name. It also appears as an interactive object in Chisel.


The ship is blue with three blue thrusters underneath. Above the three thrusters is a window screwed on with two bolts. On top of the ship are the are two cat ears and an antenna with a pink ball on top between them. Inside the ship shows pink fish wall paper.

In front of the wall paper is a red chair with a purple pillow depicting a orange fish. Beside the chair is a blue mouse hanging on a string coming from the ceiling.

In Chisel the kitty cruiser appears brighter and lacks the fish pillow. Oher than these minor alterations, it is the same as in Rockitty.

Game information


The kitty cruiser marks the end of the level and is always seen on a black and white checkered tile. It is Rockitty's only form of transportation, other than the temporary wooden rocket. According to one quote by Rockitty the kitty cruiser is in 'kitty class', indicating it is in top notch condition.

When Rockitty flies on to it, it will be seen in the ship while the ship rockets off . The ship seems to somehow be attached to ceilings or strange angles and not fall off, as it is mostly seen like this.


The kitty cruiser appears on level 24 as destructible scenery, appearing on one semi-circle shaped end of the planet. Strangely, this kitty cruiser is missing the fish pillow. Rockitty is also nowhere to be found.