This article is about lasers from Office Trap. For lasers from other games, please see Lasers.

Laser traps are traps in Office Trap and hazards in Nitrome Must Die.


Office Trap

Laser trap buttons have a W for the icon, the W however is a rebounding laser beam. The laser gun itself looks like a camera, as it comes from the ceiling and haves a round-shaped glass lens where the laser comes out from.

Nitrome Must Die

The laser trap looks like a camera, as it comes from the ceiling and haves a round-shaped glass lens where the laser comes out from.

Game Information

Office Trap

When a laser trap is set off, a laser gun will rise down out of the ceiling, either on the left side of the screen or right. The laser gun will then fire a laser which will rebound off the ceiling and floor.

Laser traps can be easily avoided: the player just to stand in an area where the laser beam cannot reach them. This, however, can be hard, for it is difficult to determine where the player can stand and be safe. Laser traps become more dangerous if there are moving traps on the platform, such as a conveyor belt.

When a laser beam reaches the edge of the screen, the entire laser beam will disappear. Only one laser beam trap will appear on a platform, as multiple lasers would eliminate all safe spots for the player to stand. Flash traps act a bit like laser traps here, as both traps fire a soon-disappearing laser.

Nitrome Must Die

Laser traps appear in Nitrome Must Die, as one of the few hazards. Laser traps appear to look similar to their original sprite appearance; the only difference is them being bigger. Laser traps poke out of the ceiling and fire a laser beam. After that, the traps simply return back into the ceiling.

They will soon poke back out again, though, and repeat the same action. They are unable to be destroyed. The laser beam will bounce off the floor and ceiling, but not bounce off a vertical wall, instead disappearing when it hits a vertical wall, as if being absorbed by the wall.

Laser traps appear rarely in Nitrome Must Die. The laser beam can be avoided by standing in one place, as the laser beams do not hit all parts of the floor. There is also a laser trap on the rooftop of Nitrome Towers, which is seen in the opening of Nitrome Must Die; It isn't seen once the player arrives there. 

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