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Lee Nicklen is a self-taught musician who composed music for Nitrome's games up until the year 2010, returning later on early 2014.

Biographical Information

Nicklen was born on March 11, 1974 near the city of Brighton, England. He showed an interest for old vinyl records and composers of movie classics.


Nicklen's music career first began in 1995 working for the Brighton-based multimedia company, producing music and other sound effects that were CD ROM and Phillips CD-i compatible.

In 1997, Nicklen was asked to audition for an Imogen Heap act as a session keyboard player by the management duo "Modern Wood". At the same time, he was also presented a job opportunity with Virgin Interactive Entertainment. Choosing to work in the game's industry, Nicklen began to produce works for VIE as the lead musician for the next seven years.


Nicklen left VIE in 2002 to start his own business "Kayotix", offering multimedia services such as license free music and web design for computer games. He continues to run Kayotix today.


Nicklen is credited for making the music for the following Nitrome games:

Lee Nicklen sometimes made extra tracks to go with a game. He sometimes used these tracks for sequels, like Hot Air 2 or Skywire 2.

Lee Nicklen's Facebook Page
Lee Nicklen Nitrome Music.png

Creator Lee Nicklen
Started 22 September 2011
Admins Lee Nicklen, Leon Mcgrogger, Anshul Rawat
Link [Nitrome Music by Lee Nicklen]

Facebook Page

In the Facebook page, called Nitrome Music, Lee Nicklen and other admins post the remastered, reversed or mixed versions of the old tracks by Lee Nicklen. Lee also reveals some unknown things about the old tracks. Lee and the admins use Soundcloud for posting the tracks. He says that he likes to give away his music for free as a reward for his fans who liked his music.



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