This article is about lifts from Dirk Valentine. For lifts from other games, please see Lifts.

Lifts are interactive objects in the game Dirk Valentine.


Lifts appear look like metal elevators. They are bronze, golden, and olive green coloured. Lifts consist of many metal parts welded together in the shape of a cylinder, with a cap on top. This cap most likely houses the lift, as it always stays above the ground. The cap is circular, is also made of many metal parts, and has a structure with the appearance of two golden wings placed on top of it. The lift also has an opening carved into it at the bottom, where Dirk can enter the lift. The opening is shaped like a rectangle with curved edges.

Game information

Dirk uses this lift to advance to the next level. When the Dirk steps inside, the doors on either side will come together, and the elevator will sink, leaving the top half of it still showing. Lifts are placed at the end of a level in Dirk Valentine.

Lifts also appear at the entrance to the level, submerging from the ground to allow Dirk to exit. Lifts require Dirk to stand in the exact spot where the lift is. This can easily be accomplished by walking, but jumping inside the lift usually does not work, although Dirk can walk into it after that.

It is unknown how lifts can transport Dirk to other parts of the fortress, because part of the lift always stays above ground. This could be because Dirk only steps into the part of the lift that moves, and the part that stays above houses the lift.

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