This article is about lifts from Nitrome Must Die. For lifts from other games, please see Lifts.

Lifts are interactive objects in Nitrome Must Die.


The lift appears in a colour scheme of white and grey. It has two windows and a sign that reads the floor number. One of its doors has a sign with two people and two arrows pointing up and down, with a sign that reads "Max 80k". There is a long rectangular-shaped window on both doors, with lines crossing with the other line.

Game information

At the start of each level, the lift transports Austin Carter and Justin Bennet into the level. The player(s) must defeat all enemies so that the lift opens again, after this is done, the player(s) must then go back to the lift in order to complete the level. Inside the lift, while transitioning between levels, the player(s) can either bank or gamble their score.

During this transition between levels, the lift is seen going upwards through a wall. During this time, Austin Carter and Justin Bennet will perform certain actions inside the lift. Once the player(s) score is either banked or gambled, the lift will move quickly upwards and slowly stop, before transitioning to the next level.


During the lift ride between level 95 and 96, after the player's score is banked/gambled and they press the fire button, the player will usually never reach level 96, only hearing the sound of the trip wire laser. This will happen 75% of the time, with the player only having a 25% chance of reaching the level (or, essentially, a 1 in 4 chance of reaching the level).


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