For the mobile version, see Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire.
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Magic Touch is an endless game released by Nitrome on August 31st, 2007[1] on The player is a wizard trying to stop knights from reaching the castle.

A fan made Nintendo DS port of the game was made by Arthur Guibert before he joined Nitrome, the port known as Magic Touch (Nintendo DS). The Nitrome version of the game was made a distributable game, and was one of the twelve games made available when the distributional games page was launched on August 25th, 2011.

An expanded version of the game was released eight years later exclusively on mobile, titled Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire.


  • PC Mouse Left Click - Draw lines

Game components

  • Knights - Knights will descend from the sky with a balloon tied to them, and they must be prevented from reaching the ground.
  • Balloons - Each knight is attached to a balloon of a certain colour with a shape on it. The balloons act like parachutes to guide the knight down to the ground. When the balloons are popped, the knight crashes.


When drawing a V or ^, the game will sometimes think that the the player is drawing an O.



  • Some knights that are coming down will be covering up other knights' balloons.
  • Sometimes, drawing a random shape will pop a balloon.
  • The flower decors seen in the menu of the game are the same flower decors used in the game Feed Me.
  • This game shares similarities with Scribble, particularly in regards to the player having a limited amount of in-game "ink" to draw shapes.
  • Although not credited directly, the track used in this game is an original MIDI track called "Retro Electro" and is composed by Bjorn Lynne[2].


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