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This article is about maiden from Double Edged. For maiden from Graveyard Shift, please see Maidens (Graveyard Shift).

The maiden is a character in the game Double Edged. She is found tied to a bone near the behemoth. She is soon rescued by the Spartans.


The maiden is seen wearing a light blue dress (possibly white, but it looks blue because of the lighting), which is a bit tattered and torn. She has long, blonde hair, with a little red flower pushed a bit to the right. She also has blue eyes and red lips.

Game information


The maiden tied to a bone

At some point in time, the maiden was kidnapped by a giant behemoth. A Spartan with a red crest and Spartan with a black crest went on a quest to save her. After defeating many hordes of monsters, they eventually made it to the region where the behemoth resided, finding the Maiden tied to a large bone. After confronting and killing the beast, the two Spartans dueled to the death. The winning spartan untied the Maiden and asked for a kiss. She denied the request, and told the Spartan to take her home.



  • It is unknown for sure how the maiden got to where the behemoth was, but most likely she was kidnapped.