Type Bomb firing
Grid spaces Three
Numbers in brackets ([ ]) signify damage dealt by dropped fragments of a Weapon. [[ ]] indicates damage by further fragments.
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 450 495
Damage 30
Reload Slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

The Mandelbrot is an arc bomb-firing cannon and a weapon in the game Steamlands. It is similar to the Matryoshka, both in appearance and in ammunition used.


The Mandelbrot has a base with two bolts and a plaque-like object on it. The Matryoshka's base is smaller than the Mandelbrot, as the Mandelbrot has four bolts instead of two. The base holds up two gold half-gear like objects and a piece of metal in the back exactly the same as the one on the Matryoshka (this is probably the reason for the two extra screws).

The cannon for the Mandelbrot is longer than the one on the Matryoshka, but other than the height is exactly the same as the one on the Matryoshka.

Game information

The Mandelbrot fires a bomb flashing red on the bottom that breaks up into three medium sized bombs which break up into three small bombs. The Mandelbrot has a starting health of 450 and can be upgraded to 495.

Shop items

Below lists the shop items that can be bought for the Mandelbrot in Steamlands, and also take effect in Steamlands.

Mandelbrot damage one Mandelbrot health one Mandelbrot reload one
Image: Mb1 Mb2 Mb3
Price: £40000 £40000 £40000
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 495 Mandelbrot fires faster
Description: The creator of this weapon went mad designing the ammunition for this weapon. He's been spotted in town drinking from a horse trough and offering to sell designs for more damaging ammo. An engineer in a nearby village says that he can adapt the Mandelbrot's to have armour within armour. Unfortunately his his services are not for free. There's a shop here that sells an unidentified box that apparently makes the Mandelbrot fire faster. It works of course, but will you buy it?
Level: Armed Guard Leftovers


  • Sometimes if the player hovers their cursor over the Mandelbrot before it explodes, just before it explodes its health will read -1/450.
  • This gun is named after the Mandelbrot Set, a famous example of a Fractal.
  • The Mandelbrot's firing sound was reused for the cluster bomb weapon in the game Nitrome Must Die.
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