Manuel[citation needed] is an interactive object in the game Enemy 585, and makes a cameo appearance in Super Stock Take.


Manuel is a brown signpost with glasses; the glasses may represent how much he knows about the game.

Game information

Enemy 585

Manual tells Enemy 585 what to do when he gets close to him. Other than telling the player what to do, he serves no other purpose.


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Super Stock Take

Manuel appears on two levels - one where he is telling the chimp to head towards the bananas (level one), another where he is unhappy (level three).


  • His last appearance in Enemy 585 is at level 3-1.
  • It is likely Manuel can change his location in Enemy 585 and the text that he reads, as he appears in the final level of the game (from the original perspective) which would be very odd for the bearded man, especially since he teaches Turner how to play the game that was designed to be played by the bearded man.
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