Martin Wörister is an artist at the game company Nitrome.


Martin Wörister joined Nitrome sometime close to Halloween in 2011, being Stumped the first Nitrome game he worked on. Later on, he contributed to the Swindler series as well as to the artwork for Nitrome's first Steam game, Flightless.

In 2013, Martin Wörister worked on the art design for Nitrome's very first mobile phone game released, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, sequel to the Icebreaker series.

Art style

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Games worked on

Game Date (Y/M/D) Notes
Stumped 2011/10/27
Swindler 2012/02/21 Background and Tiles
Flightless Demo 2012/10/15
Swindler 2 2012/11/21 Provided additional art
Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage 2013/06/20
Nite Nite 2014/06/02 Nitrome Jam Game

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