This article is about robots from Space Hopper. For robots from other games, please see Robots.

Masked robots are enemies first introduced in level four of the game Space Hopper. They come in two variations.


These enemies have a grey and round body with tiny feet. They wear what resembles a single filter mask covering their face. Two eye holes in the mask shine a short beam of light in front of them. A line that could either be a wire or a pipe is seen sticking out if its back. They are seen walking on planets and are seen either wearing a blue or a green mask.

Game information

Masked robots come in two different forms, both with slightly different approaches to the same ability. Contact with either one, like all other enemies, will cause the astronaut to lose a life.

Green masked robots


A green masked robot

The green masked robot will be seen walking around in a continuous motion on the planet it is on. When the astronaut lands on the planet, however, it will stop and not move until the astronaut makes a move. When a move is made, the green masked robot will walk in the mirrored direction to the astronaut. If the astronaut continues to walk in one direction, they will eventually end up crossing paths with the green masked robot. Still, it is possible for the player to have the astronaut jump over the green masked robot to avoid overlapping with the enemy since the green masked robot is incapable of jumping.

Blue masked robots

Image 82

A blue masked robot

Blue masked robots look exactly the same as the green ones do except, hence their name, they are a more blue-green colour. Like the green masked robots, they will stop in their position if the astronaut lands on the same planet they are walking on. When the astronaut starts walking in one direction, however, they will walk in the same direction as the player at a faster rate. This eventually leads to the blue masked robot catching up with the astronaut if the player has him walk in the same continuous direction.

To prevent this from happening, the player can have the astronaut change directions when the blue masked robot is close to catching up with him, so that the enemy may catch up in the other direction and allow more room to walk the way he came from. Since masked robots cannot be destroyed, they must simply be avoided in any way possible.


  • This behaviour is similar to the dragons of Yin Yang, which also imitate Yin and Yang's moves.