Mat Annal is one of the founders, a director and a pixel artist of the game company Nitrome.


Mat Annal earned a a degree in graphic design[1] at university.

Both Mat and Heather worked at several agencies[2] doing various web projects[2], prior to creating their own company - Nitrome. Nitrome was created out of Mat and Heather's want of wanting to develop game's themselves[3]. At first, they entered the mobile gaming market [3], but within a year, moved to creating online games, as the mobile gaming market shifted in a direction contrary to what Mat wanted[3].

Mat did the artwork for Nitrome games early on, but later stopped doing that (as artists had been hired) and moved to just overseeing projects. Despite ceasing work on art, Mat's most recent work has been the art for Rainbogeddon, which is his first job on art since two years ago.

Art style

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Mat's art style used to comprise of small, cute characters with simple designs. This is seen in most of the earliest Nitrome games. Since 2006, Mat has acquired better skills, even though he no longer produces artwork regularly for Nitrome games.


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    Mat: Both me and Heather have degrees in Graphic Design
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