Meteorites are hazards in Go Go UFO.


Meteorites are spherical and glow with several craters of varying shapes and sizes covering its surface. The colour of meteorites vary between courses with meteorites on Stardust Speedway being a purplish-pink with a tinted blue section near the top, meteorites from Cosmic collision being green with a yellowish green near the top, and meteorites from Space Hopper being a yellowish-orange.

Game information

Meteorites appear in all tracks of Go Go UFO and fall from the top of the screen onto the track in random areas. One meteorite falls at a time after certain intervals and where the meteorite is destined to fall is indicated by a shadow on the track. Once a meteorite touches the track, the meteorite will shatter and if a mini UFO is underneath it, the UFO will be flattened and move slowly.


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