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This article is about Mimics from Bad Ice Cream 3. For Mimics from other games, please see Mimics (Disambiguation).

Mimic aliens are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream 3.


Mimic aliens are green cone-shaped enemies. They have a spooky jagged mouth and two eyes and are as about the same size as the character. They have three short, stubby legs, and have a thick eyebrow. They seem to be oozing a green slime inside their mouths. On the top of their body is a green tube-like limb with a hole in the top. When the character moves, the copycat will flash and change their appearance to look like the character.

Game information

Mimic aliens have a very specific ability that they use to attack the character: they mimic the character's exact appearance and movements, including creating and breaking ice blocks, the first time the character moves. They are likely to be seen in symmetry to the character, but when they get stuck behind a block or if the character continues walking towards a wall, it is possible to break the symmetric link between an alien and a character, and thus allowing an approaching of the alien. Their link of breaking or creating ice blocks with the character can be broken that way as well.

If the level is played on multiplayer, an alien will assume the form of the closest character.


A current glitch in Bad Ice-Cream 3 only allows one character to be killed by a mimic alien, and after that, the mimic alien will not harm the other character, and can even join together with the remaining character without killing them. If this happens, when collecting fruit, the character will have to sometimes go over fruit twice.



  • It is likely that mimic aliens have built the UFOs, as they seem to be an alien species that crashed into the ice creams' planet.