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The miner canary is a character in the game Canary. He communicates with the player throughout the game.


The miner canary has a coppery colored suit on, with gold, long gloves covering the bottom half of his arms. He has blue eyes and pale skin. He also has a reddish brown breathing mask on. Finally, he has gold hat on with a coppery colored stripe across the middle. The hat is equipped with a light, obviously to see in the dark mines of the asteroid.

Game information

The miner canary is part of The Canaries, stationed on Asteroid 512 in Canary Mining Colony CM08.


The miner canary contacts Canary 214-LE in almost every level, telling him either about tips, about the aliens, his thoughts, how Canary 214-LE is doing, and what's going on with the Miners. He seems to be the second in charge at the Canary Mining Colony, since he contacts Canary 214-LE most of the time.

He is later corrupted along with the other miners and blows up the colony and the asteroid with a time bomb.


Regular days

The miner canary acted as a usual miner on the colony, making tunnels and digging for crystals. He used the basic laser gun and possibly big drills. He kept in contact often with Canary 214-LE, sharing his thoughts and telling him about work. One day, he had to fix his helmet since the communicator in it wasn't working properly.

Coincidentally, this was when Canary 214-LE discovered hostile aliens in one of the tunnels.

Alien encounter

The miner canary took samples and tested them in the lab. After the testing, he thought that he could make money off the aliens. The aliens still present in the facility had destroyed to much tunnels, so when the miner canary was making it back to base, he couldn't contact Canary 214-LE. When he got back to base, some time later, alien reinforcements arrived, and they attacked the colony.


The miner canary, as well as the rest of the Canaries, fought the aliens with their laser guns, and possibly other mining equipment. While Canary 214-LE was still making his way back to base, the miner canary reported to Canary 214-LE that some of the miners were "feeling strange".



What the miner canary did not know was that the miners were being slowly corrupted by the aliens.

Mniner Canary Corruption

The miner canary corrupted.

Eventually, the miner canary wasn't feeling good, and in his next transmission to Canary 214-LE, he had been corrupted. He was not fully corrupted that his mind was taken over by the alien larva, but was manipulated by the alien larva so that the it could move the miner's lips. When Canary 214-LE was still in the tunnels, the miner canaries he sent his corrupted Canaries, some armed, to, kill Canary 214-LE. He asked Canary 214-LE to join him, but Canary 214-LE refused.

After the corrupted Canaries failed, he planted a time bomb in the facility, with a detonation time of one minute and eighteen seconds and tells Canary 214-LE that if he is still alive, he should leave immediatly. When Canary 214-LE was inches away from the exit, the corrupted miner canary pleaded with Canary 214-LE not to leave. Canary 214-LE left anyway, and the miner canary, along with all the miners, and aliens left on the facility, perished. However, one alien spinner escaped and multiplied, spreading out into space, possibly to corrupt other colonies or planets.

In game

Although the miner canary does not appear in person, he often contacts Canary 214-LE.


The miner canary is seen to be quite kind, despite calling almost all workers slackers. He likes to help people, and is quite talkative, talking to Canary 214-LE almost all the time, informing him on new things. He seems to manage the other workers well, all while working hard himself.



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"I feel better now! In fact, I feel great! Everything is fine around here :-)"

"Hello, its me again! If you're still alive, I've planted a time bomb! Get..nnngh..out of there!"


  • It is possible the miner canary is the second in command.
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