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This article is about UFOs from Go Go UFO. For UFOs from other games, please see UFO.

Mini UFOs are the vehicles used by aliens in the game Go Go UFO.


Mini UFOs have an alien as the pilot. The alien has a cylindrical body, two spherical ears pointing out of its head, and tiny hands. The actual UFO is small, silver, and floats, but not that high off the ground. Mini UFOs have boosters on the back and lights on the front. The lights on the front do nothing, but the two boosters will boost when the boost button is pressed.

Game information

There are two boosters, and a button assigned to each one. Pressing one button will activate one booster and turn the UFO in the direction, and vice versa. Activating both boosters at the same time will cause the player to boost forward when they boost. To boost forward, the player has to press the boost key. They can turbo boost by holding the button for a second, then letting go. One difficulty with racing in Go Go UFO, is that the player has to turn quite often to move up a platform, not as fast paced as other racing games. If a UFO goes off the edge of a track, it will fall down into space and be respawned.

Meteorites will also crash down on tracks, but in random spaces. A UFO will be flattened if hit by a meteorite, but it will really do nothing other than stopping the UFO that time. UFO pilots come in green, blue, orange, and pink, and each can have there buttons changed.

Nitrome Must Die

The mini UFOs appear in Nitrome Must Die as enemies. They are normally stationary, but every few seconds they will turn on their boosters and dash forward quickly. Oddly enough, when hit they float backwards a considerable distance. They appear only on one level. Like in Go Go UFO, they come in orange, green, blue, and pink. In Nitrome Must Die, they are put on the side view, not the top view. Also, the colours are brightened up considerably in the NMD version.

In Go Go UFO
In Nitrome Must Die
GoGo Green 1.png GoGo Blue 1.png GoGo Orange 1.png GoGo Pink 1.png
GoGo Green NMD.png GoGo Blue NMD.png GoGo Orange NMD.png GoGo Pink NMD.png


  • The aliens here slightly resemble the aliens from Four Play. The UFOs also resemble the Four Play ones.