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Miniclip is a game website founded by Robert Small in 2001. The website started with a budget of £40,000, but has grown to be worth about £200 million [citation needed].


Miniclip started off with a budget of £40,000 when they started up in 2001. They gained popularity with their first game, Dancing Bush, which had Tihan Presbie with the face of the 43rd President of the United States (in office then), George W. Bush . They have sponsored 44 of Nitrome's games.

Miniclip sponsored many of Nitrome's first Flash games, such as Hot Air, and every other game Nitrome made when they were starting up. They continued to sponsor almost all of Nitrome's games up to July 2010, when Nitrome moved, and they started making their games without a sponsor.

Nitrome games on Miniclip

Most of Nitrome's games are "challenge games", which means the player can get awards for getting a certain amount of points in the game. Miniclip introduced a feature on there website to download games onto a Nintendo Wii, but players could only do this if their Wii had internet access.

One of the games, in the action category, which was able to be download to be played on the Wii, was Nitrome's original Flash game Hot Air. Hot Air however was the only game that could be downloaded onto a Wii. One year and two months later (fourteen months), Hot Air was removed from the action category, meaning players were unable to download it any more. This is probably because Nitrome sent a complaint to Miniclip about Hot Air, and they took it down.

In January 2010, Miniclip added awards, awards achieved for getting a certain amount of points in games, some of the awards being Miniclip's Nitrome game awards.

When playing a Miniclip-supported game on Nitrome's site, the Miniclip logo animation would play in the start-up right before Nitrome's did. This was later removed when playing games on Nitrome's site, but the animation still plays if the player is playing on Miniclip's site.

List of Nitrome games sponsored by Miniclip

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  • Many Nitromians found Nitrome's site via Miniclip [citation needed].