A regular mining suit

Mining suits are a object worn by all of The Canaries in the game Canary.


All Canary miners have a standard suit which hey all are supposed to wear. Higher ranking Canaries or other certain Canaries may wear a different version of the suit with different coloured components.


Normal mining Canaries wear a mining suit which has most apparel in yellow. The other items a suit will have are yellow boots, yellow gloves, goggles, and a skin-tight brown suit which has a special oxygen container on it.


Regular mining suits suit include a yellow cap with a built-in headlight and speaker which will announce voice messages to the wearer. Some miner canaries wear jetpacks, so they can cut rock from high to reach places not accessible to ground Canaries.


All Canaries are equipped with a laser gun, which is used to cut through rock and navigate the mine. The laser cannot be kept on for too long or else the gun will abruptly overheat and prevent the laser from working. When the gun overheats, leaving the laser unused for a few seconds will bring it back into working order.

Suit differences

There are some Canaries whose suits differ from the miner Canary suits. For example, rookie Canaries (including Canary 214-LE) has a blue skin-tight suit instead of the usual brown, although it is not known why.

Foreman White has a white suit and white gloves, and an orange vest. Also, when Canaries are infected by alien larva, the larva will stain their skin-tight suit purple. It will also turn the colour of the laser of their laser gun pink, if they have one.

Gallery of different suits

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