This article is about mirrors from Canary. For mirrors from other games, please see Mirrors.

Mirrors are interactive objects in the game Canary. There are two types of mirrors: stationary mirrors and rotatable mirrors. Both mirrors reflect Canary 214-LE's laser beam in another direction.


Stationary mirrors and rotatable mirrors look similar in Canary. Stationary mirrors (the mirror in the left of the picture in the infobox) appear on an angle, connected to small metal pipes, attached to metal positioned upright. Rotatable mirrors consist of glass, thicker then the previous mirror, nailed into a circular object.

Types of mirrors

Both rotatable and stationary mirrors appear often in Canary, especially the latter. They appear most often in the middle of the game.

Stationary mirrors

There are two types of stationary mirrors. There are stationary mirrors positioned with the glass tilted down and stationary mirrors poisoned with the glass tilted up. Depending on which way the mirror is pointed is the way Canary 214-LE's laser gun beam will be reflected when it hits it. Usually only one or two Stationary Mirrors appear in an area, although some areas may have multiple stationary mirrors for the laser reflected off one mirror to be reflected off the other mirrors.

Stationary mirrors are used for a variety of things, including killing enemies, cutting rock, and moving of hazardous materials, among other stuff, all which need the laser gun to be used. Most of the stationary mirrors used in Canary are due to Canary 214-LE lacking the ability to aim anywhere other then straight forward in the game. Stationary mirrors are also necessary for killing drill head squids and spike headed squids, since they can only be hurt from their back. Stationary mirrors are frequently placed on the edges of structures.

Rotatable mirrors

The second type of mirrors are rotatable mirrors. Rotatable mirrors can be rotated by Canary 214-LE pushing the end of the mirror closest to himself forward with his body. When the glass is pushed far back enough, it will move fast back to get in that position, but can still be moved.

The position it moves fast back to get in will either be with the glass tilted down or with the glass tilted up, depending which way the glass is pushed. Rotatable mirrors appear very close to the end of Canary, and because of that it doesn't make that many appearances in levels.


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